The Benefits of Journaling

When I began therapy, I was told that writing things down might help me process my feelings. While I tried this from time to time, it felt similar to doing homework instead of something I was doing for myself. I ignored this suggestion until I found myself in a situation where it seemed like the only logical option. Things changed in my life and I was doing my best to restructure my thought processes. This is when I began journaling again. 

I bought a cute notebook, some nice pens and sat down to write. It was as if I was venting to a close friend, which isn’t always an option when everyone is busy. I wrote about random things that happened at work, small things during the day that frustrated me and situations I was in with people I knew. Journaling helped me let small things go, which I began to see positively affect my day-to-day mood. At first, I struggled because I felt as though I needed to write in it everyday. However, I adapted a mentality that is was not a daily requirement, but rather something I could do to help process my feelings and remember good times I had. Sometimes I go an entire month without writing in my journal, and other times I write every day. It is not how often you write in the journal, but the meaning behind it. 

Journaling helps manage anxiety, reduce stress and cope with depression. Personally, the biggest improvements I’ve seen have been with my stress and anxiety. Not only does journaling help you prioritize your anxieties, it is a physical reminder of your progress. You can write to yourself, to someone else or just generally express your thoughts and feelings.

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