Today is all about self-care! Self-care is important for your mental and physical health, and comes in many forms. I will discuss the importance and positive effects of self-care, list off various ways you can perform self-care, and break down my personal favorites and their benefits. Remember, you don’t have to do all of these to feel better! Pick a few to try, see what you like and try to do one of them whenever you’re feeling down or sick.

Self-care, even in its most basic form, is something that benefits your overall mental and physical health. Your body and mind are incredible things, but taking care of them can be difficult. As a college student, it’s easy for me to get swept up into a routine of junk food, bad sleeping habits and general disregard for my health. Once these bad habits develop, changing them adds a new challenge to life that you may not feel ready for. But fear not! The first steps of self-care don’t have to be huge changes to your lifestyle. Starting off small already has positive effects and once you get comfortable with those, taking bigger steps isn’t as intimidating. 

Physically, eating better and staying active are ways of self-care, but that doesn’t mean you have to start going to the gym everyday! Going for a short walk, selecting a healthy snack, and stretching are good first steps. Focusing on physical self-care has mental benefits as well. If you feel good about your physical state, you feel better in general and can focus on growing and improving your mental state. Mentally, turning negative thoughts into positive ones and acknowledging your small accomplishments help create a healthy attitude. Combined, physical and mental self-care can radically improve your life and you’ll see positive changes all around you. 

Here is a list of things you can try! Taking a nap. A short exercise. Getting some fresh air. Meditating. Setting boundaries. Social media detox. Going for a mani/pedi. Getting a facial. Having quiet time. Journaling. Going to therapy. Listening to a podcast. Drinking a warm cup of tea. Going for a walk. Reading. Using a bath bomb. Buying yourself a treat. Getting a massage. Using a face mask. 

Personally, I try to use a face mask once a week, journal when I can, take small breaks from social media, stretch before bed, drink warm tea, use bath bombs, and set boundaries. I have also gone for a manicure, a facial and have been to therapy. Each of these had the benefits, but I believe the two that work best for me are setting boundaries and using face masks. Something about using a face mask makes me feel like an entirely new person who’s ready to take on the world. They also provide benefits to my facial health! I use mostly Korean face masks. As for setting boundaries, I have learned from several negative relationships that if someone makes you feel bad, uncomfortable, anxious or generally upset, they need to be removed from your life. Boundaries allow you to prevent these types of people from entering your life, and there is no such thing as being too cautious! If you get anxious when you hear from them, something is terribly wrong! 

I hope some of this was helpful, and comment below anything you tried! You can subscribe by email at the bottom of the home page. Thanks for reading!

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