The Heat

The sun was creating such heat that the sidewalk seemed to melt under my feet. Waves of heat radiated off of everything, making my vision blurry. The palm trees that lined the grass strip on campus sat still as rocks without a breeze in sight, though even a breeze would be sweltering. The doors to the inside of the bookstore slid open over and over again as people desperately grasped for the cool air within. I sat in a leather chair, just inside of the doorway, sweating and breathing heavy. My legs stuck to the chair without mercy just as my hair gripped the back of my neck for dear life. I felt gross and sticky, desperate to have a bucket of ice cold water poured onto me. The AC could only cool me down for a bit before I had to venture back out into the burning rays of the sun. Back out into the burning inferno that was Arizona.

What should have been a short walk took ages. No one was going anywhere with any speed or passion because the heat was stealing their energy. I chose to come here and melt, but every day when I sweat gallons, I wonder if I made the right decision. Good college for my major, but not a good college for my body. A body that is naturally drawn to rainy days and cold buildings. A body that shrivels up whenever the sun comes out. Yet here I am, trudging on every day in the heat and sun to get a degree for a risky major. One day I’ll live in a place that has seasons, where the heat is more forgiving. One day…

Published by Alexandria

Creative Writer with a passion for sharing my work and creativity.

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