Fantasy People

For every word that describes someone, there is an opposite. For someone who is brave, there is someone who is fearful. For someone who is strong, there is someone who is weak. For every introvert there is an extrovert. You get the idea. Yet, there is a type of person who don’t fit either side. They’re in the middle. They act strong but panic when something actually happens. They can be outgoing and adventurous but afraid to try something new. They can be strong and determined yet have something break them like a twig. Their mind constantly wanders but they seem in-tune with the world around them. These are the people who sit in the middle, who don’t know how to define themselves. These are the fantasy people.

         Can someone be in two places at once? Well in theory, yes. They can be sitting in class, typing notes on their computer while exploring London with their MI6 lover named Tom. They could be lying in bed looking at pictures of dogs on Instagram while saving Loki’s life from Thanos in Infinity War because they refuse to accept his death. They are students, secret agents, warriors, rulers, gods. They are living two lives at once. They can stand up for themselves but can’t defend themselves when they really need to. They are lost in a fantasy. They live in the middle of two worlds and flee to one when the other feels as if it’s falling apart. They can change their dreams to end how they want them to. They can spin tales in such a way that no one can tell what’s real and what’s not. They can keep you wildly entertained and never leave their room. They can dress up to the nines or wear pajamas out. They are those who got lost when having to pick a side.

         Trying to define people is an interesting task. By picking a name, you get placed into a group. Yet, by not picking a group you are still defining yourself. Those in the middle have made a group for themselves, and they have found others who fit in their group. They can integrate the fantasy into real life, and be several people at once. They wear many titles and can blend in like chameleons to any environment. They can also stand out like a sore thumb. It really depends on their mood for the day. Sometimes they wake up and embrace the feeling of being a small potato. Other days they wake up feeling as strong as a tree and go all out in everything they do. The middle isn’t such a bad place to be if you think about it, but it does have its downsides.

         Being in the middle allows them to be able to pick either side depending on how they feel towards the matter. It gives them the freedom to escape when they want nothing to do with anything. It lets them be whoever they want whenever they want. It is a safe place to be when they can’t find anywhere else to go. Sometimes it is a trap though. People often don’t understand how they can’t pick a side, and attack them. Other times they stand out and people mock them for it. They don’t fit in with what is normal and this makes them too different. They can blend in, but the day will come where they no longer hide and the struggle between being who they are and running away from who they want to be. Their fantasy breaks and once it breaks, they have nowhere to go.

         Being a fantasy person can be difficult at times. If they get lost in their fantasy for too long, reality slaps them back into place. Or, if they stay in reality too long, they forget how to escape and lose who they are. It is a delicate balance that they learn to deal with. But no matter how much they try to embrace all sides to them, there will always be a struggle because sometimes one side is harder to embrace than others. Only those who get close to them see who they truly are underneath all of the fantasies and dreams. Those who are outside, those who pick right or left, never understand those who find themselves wandering aimlessly in the middle. They live in bliss, in a happiness that only they understand. They create a balance between left and right. They are the fantasy people, and they built the world we live in today. 

Published by Alexandria

Creative Writer with a passion for sharing my work and creativity.

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