Steve the Comma

Steve the Comma was born in Oxford, England in 2017. He wasn’t just any old comma though, he was special. He was known as an Oxford Comma! He had a very important role in sentences and was taught all about his comma responsibilities in school. When he was ready for his duties as a comma he was sent out into the world to find some sentences to help!

His first real world experience was in a formal paper at a University. He was a crucial comma in a long list of the wrongdoings done by an evil dictator. The paper scared him a little. Were people really that mean to others? He tried not to think about it too much and just enjoyed his place in the sentence. After the paper was turned in, the ventured to an email by the professor to another professor. They were having a heated debate about the cultural implications of memes and he was sent back and forth several times until one of the professors gave up. He sat in that professors inbox for a few days before jumping into a new email that was going to a place he was told to avoid: America. 

In school he was told that Americans had mixed feelings about the Oxford comma, and that many of them rejected the usage of them. He didn’t understand why though, he thought he was special and helpful. He was scared when arriving to America, he didn’t know how they would react to him. At first, it was ok because the professor continued to use him correctly in sentences. 

But he was quickly rejected by a student after having been sent to her in an email. The student didn’t like Oxford Commas, in fact, she didn’t like commas at all. He had a hard time leaving her because her hatred of commas meant she avoided using them at all costs. Steve was really sad about this, he just wanted to help people. But this mean girl, who never gave a real reason for hating commas, was keeping him prisoner in her inbox. 

He was sad and lonely there for a few months, until one day she had to use a comma (much to her disdain) and he took his chance to flee. He was sent back to her professor and later sent to other professors within the school. He hoped to never come across her, or someone like her again. 

Though he missed his home, he stuck around within this university for a while before returning to Oxford where he was welcomed with open arms. Students and professors used him correctly in sentences, and frowned upon people who didn’t. He was so happy to be used correctly again, and enjoyed everyday that he was used correctly. 

He lived like this for a few years, until 2020 rolled around and he was called back to comma school to talk about his life experiences. He spoke about his journey to America and how miserable he was in that girls inbox. But, he also spoke about how grateful it made him to the people who used him correctly and told the young commas never to fear. Though there are people out in the world who fear their greatness, there are others who appreciate what they do for sentences. Never give up little commas!

Published by Alexandria

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