Writing Tips Part Three

This is the third installment of a series that will provide a variety of tips for writers. One thing I personally struggle with is fight scenes. So, after doing some research, I put together some tips and tricks for writing fight scenes! These will be different reactions to physical actions and a few other tips that you could also apply in real life!

  • Getting punched in the nose will make your eyes water a lot, even if it didn’t hurt.
  • Your body will follow your head, so if your head gets pushed or punched, your body will follow.
  • Getting hit in the diaphragm causes your lungs to spasm and make it hard to breath. 
  • Larger people have an easier time forcing smaller people back.
  • If you hit the jaw hard enough, the person will be knocked out.
  • The back of the head is extremely vulnerable! 
  • Kidney punctures hurt a lot and are a serious concern.
  • A wrestler will try to get their opponent on the ground
  • A boxer will stay on their feet.
  • The easiest way to counter a kick is to get close to the kicker, because they won’t have enough room to kick you.
  • If you want the fight scene to be realistic, avoid flashy moves. They’re less practical and easier to counter. 

I hope these tips were helpful! I will be adding one more installment to this series soon so follow my blog or Twitter for updates! If you’re interested in reading some of the short pieces I’ve written, go check out the “My Writing,” page in the menu!

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