The Bite of a Rose

I was taken home on a rather busy afternoon from the small shop. I had been feeling sick and the person who carried me out told me they were going to save me. They seemed saddened to see me looking so poor, so I believed they wanted to help. I sat on the floor of the vehicle eagerly awaiting my new life. 

We arrived home and I was cautiously carried upstairs. I was placed in a new pot, with more room to grow, watered, and given a window with just the right amount of sunshine. I immediately felt better and stood taller to soak in the sun. I was the only one on the window seal for a while, enjoying the light until something leapt up next to me. 

I was quickly introduced to a creature named Timothy. It sniffed my leaves and laid down next to me on the seal. It did not seem to mind my presence, and would occasionally sniff my petals while we watched people bustling about below us. I did not mind Timothy and Timothy did not mind me. It was nice to have company.

The following day my person had to leave to go somewhere. They said goodbye to Timothy with a pat and checked me over before heading out. Timothy leapt onto the seal next to me, got comfortable, and began to purr. It was a strange but pleasant noise. It seemed Timothy needed the sun just as much as I did. 

As the sun was setting our person returned. They provided Timothy with nutrients and came over to check on how I was doing. I stood tall to show that I was doing well and appreciated the sunny window. I was thoroughly inspected, given some water, and adjusted on the window seal. They seemed pleased with my progress. 

I grew well for a week and everyday my person came home, checked me, spoke to me briefly, and went about their routine. However, one evening as I was watching the sun set I noticed they had not returned home yet. I began to worry as this had never happened before. I sat and waited, watching the full moon fill the night sky. Timothy seemed unbothered by our person’s absence and slept on the couch all night. 

The next morning my person returned and seemed fine. They checked on me, gave Timothy some pats, and went about their routine for the day. I watched them closely but didn’t notice anything unusual, so after a while I decided to return my attention to the people walking through the busy streets.

Nearly a month passed and it happened again. Timothy and I were left alone for the night as our person remained missing. Once again, it was a full moon. I began to wonder if something happened during the full moon. Perhaps that was a good night to go out and have fun. Or maybe there was a meeting to attend. I wasn’t sure what it could be, but I wished I could ask. 

The next morning our person returned and pulled a chair up to sit next to me. They seemed worn out, frustrated even. I tried to stand tall and show my growth to cheer them up. They sat in the chair and sighed. Timothy climbed into their lap and they looked at me as they began to speak.

“You know, when I was growing up my grandmother always told me to be cautious around roses. They’re beautiful things, she would say, but if you’re not careful they’ll hurt you. I always thought she was talking about the flower, like you, but about a year ago I realized what she was warning me against.” 

A few moments passed before they spoke again.

“I met a beautiful woman, and we had fun for a while until one night something happened. She turned into a creature before my eyes and bit me. After that, I never saw her again. But now every full moon I have to leave home to change into this creature.”

“It wasn’t the flower my grandmother was warning me about, it was the bite of a Rose.”

Published by Alexandria

Creative Writer with a passion for sharing my work and creativity.

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