Carnival Row Review

Overall Rating: 4.5/5

This week I will be reviewing the original Amazon Prime original show, “Carnival Row.” It premiered on August 30th, 2019, but I just discovered it recently through advertisements. It is a steampunk, neo-noir, urban fantasy show that features mythical creatures trying to live amongst humans within their society. These creatures are treated poorly because they are not human, addressing racism (or in this case speciesism), and politics. The show focuses on two main characters, Rycroft Philostrate and Vignette Stonemoss, whose intermingled past brings them together in the present. This will be a spoiler-free review so you’re tempted to watch it!

Plot: Overall, I felt that the plot was strong and believable. Each episode developed the plot in an easy-to-follow way, adding in backstory when needed without drowning out the current events. The plot twists were shocking, but believable within context. I personally was unable to predict the twists because I try to sit and enjoy shows as they happen, not try to predict them. However, if you enjoy predicting shows this one may present a fun challenge. There are a large variety of plot twists so I’m sure whoever is watching will still feel the shock factor that I did! The only area of plot that I found difficult to follow was the politics going on in regards to two important families. I did not fully understand the position each side was taking or how they came to the conclusion at the end. However, I felt that this did not deter me from enjoying the show. The ending brought most everything full circle, made sense with the way the plot developed, and left it wide open for another interesting season. 

Characters: I feel that the characters were developed clearly and convincingly. As the plot developed, we learned more about the two main characters (and the other side characters whose stories are just as interesting) that helped us understand why they acted in certain ways and were living the lives they were. Oftentimes, we question why characters behave certain ways or lie when they do. However, I did not have this issue with this show, especially when I learned each character’s backstory. The most interesting character was Rycroft Philostrate because his development was the most detailed, unique, and interesting. Without giving away too much information, who he turns out to be is far more interesting than who he was in episode one. 

In general, this is a show I very much enjoyed and would like to keep watching. It is not too intense but still intriguing, which is what I like. If you decide to watch it, leave a comment below about what you enjoyed! 

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