My Writing Process

This week I decided to share my writing process for the different forms of writing I do (blog posts, short stories, novels, and fanfiction). When I first thought about what my process was, my instinct was to say I didn’t have one. But I realized I do have a writing process, it just doesn’t conform with what others want the process to be. I often felt intimidated when speaking with other writers because they all seemingly created stories the same way, whereas I was a bit more chaotic. Later I realized that there was no correct way to create a story, and I grew in confidence about my writing. 

Blog Posts: Blog posts are probably the easiest things to write for me. All I need is an idea and about 30-60 minutes to express that idea. I typically just write what comes to mind, rarely planning ahead what I want to say. The only posts I give a bit more thought to are the reviews, because they’re more detailed than a normal blog post. 

Short Stories: Short stories are a bit more unique because I very rarely use ideas I have. Typically, I come up with a large variety of ideas, but before I make a decision about writing the idea, I run through it in my head. If I can picture it like I’m watching a movie, then I go ahead and begin writing. However, if it gets too jumbled, confusing, or complicated to follow along, I scrap the idea. 95% of the time I don’t have an ending yet, I just let the story end how it ends. But when I do have the entire thing plotted out, I can whip it out in just a few hours! 

Fanfiction: Fanfiction is very similar to short stories, because they are technically short stories. I imagine them in my head, see if I can follow along, then decide if it’s worth writing. I do have a harder time writing up fanfiction though because I never want the story to end. I enjoy writing fanfiction because the characters are already created, all I have to do is throw them into different scenarios and see what they do! I do enjoy including original characters though, because I like the idea of existing in these universes as well. 

Novel(s): This is a bit more complicated. As of today, June 29th 2020, I have two novel ideas. One is being plotted out in a notebook, with character charts and chapter diagrams, while the other is currently only a short story. The first one is an idea that came to me in a dream and I began writing. The only reason I’m actually plotting it out in a notebook rather than in my head is because there is a lot more detail that goes into a novel compared to a short story. This helps me stay on track with what’s happening. I have not finished plotting it out though, but I continue to write it! The second one was originally written as a short story, but the world I created was much larger and worth exploring. I haven’t plotted it out yet though because, and I’m being brutally honest here, I am lazy. But eventually I will work on it! Until then, I stick to my shorter pieces. 

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