Ant-Man Review

Ant-Man came out in 2015 and brought in another character to the MCU who was able to have their own adventures that weren’t directly connected to the Avengers, yet. When the film first came out, I was unsure about its relevance to the MCU and did not go see it in theaters. After Civil War came out, and I saw him in it, I realized I should probably go watch the movie. Turns out, it’s a great movie! It has good humor, a great main character, and a strong subplot about Scott just trying to be a good father. I would highly recommend the film for family movie night! 

We begin with a view of the S.H.I.E.L.D. building being built, we see Peggy Carter, Howard Stark, Hank Pym, and a member of Hydra. We learn that Hank quits and goes off to create his own company. This sets up the film as well as Hank’s detestement towards the Stark family. Next, we meet Scott Lang in prison, and we start to learn a bit about him in the first 30 minutes of the film. There is strong character development for Scott in this film. Scott spent a lot of time thinking in prison and knows that he wants to work hard to be a good father for Cassie. He cares about her greatly and she already views him as a hero, so that’s what he wants to be for her. What he didn’t know is that he was actually going to become one! Scott dawns the identity of Ant-Man, which once belonged to Hank Pym, in order to stop a mad-man from selling Hank’s tech to Hydra. It’s not about making a better world for them, but a better world for his daughter. We see Hank’s strained relationship with his daughter Hope, and how he wants Scott to have a better one with his daughter. Eventually, Hope and Hank make amends and Scott is given the opportunity to be a part of Cassie’s life.

This film was absolutely hilarious, and featured unique, funny characters that added levity to the scenes. Luis, an excellent storyteller, is Scott’s best friend and introduces the other two members of the crew, Kurt and Dave. Scott himself is funny as well, and the dialogue in the film was written well. One of my favorite moments in the film was when Scott got fired from Baskin Robbins, not because he got fired, but because of what they said: “Baskin Robbin always finds out.” The fight with Yellow-Jacket also had some hilarious moments because it would zoom out of the battle, and all you would see is a toy getting knocked over! There are a great many moments in this film that made me laugh, so be sure to go watch it for a good time! 

Let’s pause for a moment and remember the ants who lost their lives in this battle. RIP Ant-tony, the best little flying ant there ever was. 

Some other things! We still have the original Marvel Logo, which honestly I think changes in phase 3 at this point. There are several mentions of the Avengers and Sokovia, and we actually get to see Falcon in this film! Scott has to go to the Avengers base, which they believed to be an empty warehouse to retrieve some tech needed for the mission. We later see Falcon talking with a journalist to help him locate Scott. The journalist lists off several other vague super hero abilities, but one is a reference to Spider-Man: “and one who crawls on walls.” Stan Lee makes his traditional cameo as a bartender in Luis’ story about the journalist. Luis tells great stories. There are some other, smaller details that I read about online, but aren’t necessarily relevant to the plot of this film.

Now, we need to unpack the two end credit scenes, because they are loaded! The first scene, which I remembered clearly, shows Hank and Hope looking at a suit that was built for Hope’s mother, but is now for Hope. This tells us that the next time we see Hope, she will be the superhero Wasp, which she is more than happy about. The second end credit scene I did not remember at all! This is actually just a scene from Civil War, which features Bucky somewhat trapped by a machine and Sam and Steve discussing the “Accords” and Tony not understanding. This is an incredible set up for the next film, and leaves audiences guessing about what all of this means! I was shocked to see this scene, even though I know what happens in the next film! 

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Connecting FanFic: ExCon’s New Addition: Scott Lang and OC Selene Ryder; 1st person; April 3, 2019. “As ExCon’s business grows, the guys realize they may need to hire an assistant to help them keep everything organized. Somewhat desperate and easily impressed, they hire the first person who shows up asking about the job. While she does prove to be extremely helpful, especially when it comes to organization, Scott finds her to be a bit of a fun distraction.”

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