Avengers: Infinity War Review

Infinity War came out in 2018 and I was not emotionally prepared for this film, I don’t think anyone was. I don’t think I’ve ever cried that hard at a movie theater before (until Endgame anyway). Peter was the person who broke me the first time, which may come as a surprise given my love of Loki. But I was, and still am, deeply in denial that he’s dead. The hype for this movie was massive, and none of us saw what was coming. If you claim you did, you’re a liar and you know it. This review is going to be fairly long because my plan is to go scene-by-scene to discuss the accuracy of the characterizations and the logic of the events occurring!

The film begins with a dramatic Marvel intro, lacking it’s usual exciting music and instead using rather morbid music. It then transitions into a distress call from Loki as their ship is under attack by Thanos. He has taken their ship and undoubtedly killed half the people on it with the Power Stone. He is there for the Tesseract that Loki took, which I believe he took to keep it safe. He knew it wouldn’t be destroyed with Asgard and took it to potentially keep it from Thanos. While there were moments of unrealistic doubt about Loki’s loyalty, due to poor writing, his character growth and care for Thor is still shown as he tries to save his brother. My issue here is his pathetic attempt to kill Thanos. Loki is an extremely powerful sorcerer and Marvel really missed the mark here. In the process of all this, Hulk gets sent to Earth, Heimdal is killed, and Loki is choked to death. However, I am in denial of his death and I hope Marvel does a better job with his character in his upcoming show. 

Hulk lands in the NY Sanctum as Strange and Wong are discussing lunch. He warns them that Thanos is coming. However, Dr. Stephen Strange, who claims to have a list of beings who threaten Earth and the dimensions, is unaware of who Thanos is. He seeks out Tony who is out running with Pepper and discussing how Tony still isn’t ready to give up on Iron Man. Tony goes with them once Bruce steps through the portal and Wong and Strange explain what the Infinity Stones are to them. Bruce and Tony also catch up slightly as Tony explains that the Avengers are no more and he can’t call Steve. Strange’s judgement is obvious here and rather accurate. Bruce also seems to judge which fits for the situation. Before they can continue this conversation, a spaceship appears above New York. 

Peter is on a school bus and we get a glimpse of his Spider-sense as his arm hairs stick up. He notices the ship right away and asks Ned to cause a distraction so he can leap out of the bus window. Turns out, Ned predicted the end of the movie when he exclaimed “We’re all gunna die!” Stan Lee makes his cameo here as the bus driver! 

Strange stops the wind from the spaceship with some magic and gives a sexy little wink to Tony, which was a glorious moment. Ebony Maw and Cull Obsidian, members of the Black Order, appear claiming they bring “salvation.” Strange does his famous “boom boom woosh,” but is quickly overpowered by Maw’s abilities. Peter shows up to help and Tony gives him a very quick and efficient breakdown of what’s going on. He’s been in enough fights to prioritize relevant information and disperse instructions quickly. Peter ends up on the spaceship and Tony gives him his Iron Spider suit. Tony’s suit also includes upgrades that are based on events from the past. For example, his flight booster is because of what happened with Rhodey in Civil War.

Back on Earth, Bruce calls Steve for help without any hesitation because he understands the importance of the situation at hand.

Responding to the distress call, the Guardians are on their way to the coordinates. They find the wreckage of the Asgarian ship and Thor hits their windshield. They bring him into the ship because he is still alive, and Drax describes him as the child of a pirate and an angel. They discuss that Thanos is collecting the Infinity Stones and he learns that Gamora is a daughter of Thanos. He doesn’t judge her because he understands family is difficult, which shows how compassionate of a person he still is despite everything he’s been through. Him, Rocket, and Groot separate from the Guardians to go get Thor a new weapon to defeat Thanos while the others go to Knowhere to get the Reality Stone. However, we as viewers already have a sense of dread about the situation and can assume that it will not go in their favor.

Vision and Wanda’s relationship has progressed but they have to have secret meetings due to the results of Civil War. Oddly enough Wanda has essentially lost her accent and is now a redhead. This feels like poor writing because there is no reason for either of these things to have happened. Vision is still trying to understand the Mind Stone, and the other two members of the Black Order, Proxima Midnight and Corvus Glaive, attempt to retrieve it. This is when Steve makes a dramatic entrance, closely followed by Sam and Natasha. Now, Natasha’s hair is blonde which again, why? No logical reason. People have argued that it is so she can blend in better, but with the facial recognition technology available this argument is invaild. 

We get a flashback of Gamora as a child and learn a few important things. One, they writers have made some sort of attempt to show Thanos as a caring father which is a horrific thing to have done. Two, Thanos is most likely lying about her home planet. In Guardians of the Galaxy, her information shows that she is the last of her species so her home planet most likely died out after Thanos killed half their population, which proves that his “solution” will inevitably fail. We later learn that she knows the location of the Soul Stone and is willing to die to keep this information from Thanos. Unfortunately, this plan fails on Knowhere when Thanos uses the Reality Stone to keep her alive and take her back to his ship. On the ship, he has captured Nebula and tortures her to get the information about the stone from Gamora. This is a strong reminder that Thanos cares only for his goal of getting the stones and wiping out half the universe. 

Back on Earth the Avengers are planning what to do and Vision is the only one who knows the stone needs to be destroyed. He is willing to die for this cause, but they find another solution and take him to Wakanda for Shuri to remove the stone. While entering Wakanda, Okoye comments about wanting to participate in the Olympics or getting a Starbucks. This was one of the few humorous moments in the film that actually fit in with what was happening. There is a great display of Shuri’s brilliance and seemingly endless abilities. Bucky has also received a new Vibranium arm and seemingly has an entire spa day before meeting up with Steve.

Heading to Titan, Maw has Strange captured on his ship and Tony is plotting how to save him with the Cloak of Levitation. That is when Peter makes an appearance, gets a dad lecture from Tony, and provides another pop culture reference to help them succeed. He is later dubbed an honorary Avenger and the three make their way to Titan thinking it will give them an advantage.

On their way for a new weapon, we learn that Thor is 1,500 years old which roughly translates to his mid-20’s in human years. When they arrive, only one dwarf remains and they are quickly reminded of how mad Thanos is. hence the name “The Mad Titan.” They are able to create the weapon, an axe called Stormbreaker, for Thor and by doing so we see once again how powerful Thor can be. He is able to hold open the mechanism and take the full power of a star in order to make this weapon. While it does nearly kill him, teenage Groot displays passion and care for Thor by creating the handle of Stormbreaker. This restores Thor’s power and he is ready to seek revenge on Thanos. 

The Avengers end up meeting the Guardians on Titan while searching for Thanos. We get an incredible look at how different the two groups are and how little patience Tony has left. We also get another morbid warning as Strange looks into all possible outcomes, 14 million, and learns that they only win in one. Now, he knows that in order to win they have to lose and his entire tone towards Tony has changed because he has watched Tony sacrifice himself for the sake of the universe over and over again. This also justifies Peter Quill’s actions later, because they had to happen in order for them to win. 

In order to retrieve the Soul Stone one must sacrifice that which they love most. A soul for a soul. Red Skull is the guardian of the stone and is cursed with knowledge of everything. In order for the plot to progress, it makes sense that Thanos would sacrifice Gamora. However, his supposed “love” for her was a delusion and I do not believe he was truly sorry for this sacrifice, no matter how much the script claimed he was. When we see Gamora’s body down there, we see another faint bloodstain which we can deduce is Natasha’s. 

Notable moments from the Wakanda Battle. Bucky can run as fast as Steve and T’Challa can but doesn’t because there is a part of him that does not want to run into battle anymore. Thor makes a dramatic entrance and immediately displays his power, yelling for Thanos. Him and Steve quickly share some quips, which fits their friendship perfectly, and Steve introduces himself to Groot politely. Eventually Wanda has to go down to help and I wonder if she should have been down there the entire time. She knew removing the stone would take time and she’s far too powerful to be sitting around waiting. Visian also ends up joining the fight by force as Crovus attempts to steal the stone from him. 

Notable moments from the battle on Titan. This battle is an incredible display of Dr. Strange’s powers and several moments reference his abilities from the comics. They all do fight their hardest, but none as hard as Tony. He is the only one to make Thanos bleed, and though it was a tremendous amount of effort, it shows us who the strongest Avenger really is. Mantis is also incredibly strong as she is able to subdue Thanos in order for them to steal the glove. While they lose this battle we must trust that Strange knew what he was doing as he says “We’re in the endgame now.”

Unfortunately for Wanda she has no choice but to destroy the Mind Stone. While doing so, she also holds back Thanos and is dealing with an enormous amount of grief. Despite all this, she succeeds and we truly see how strong of a person she is. For clarity, she destroyed one Infinity Stone while holding back the power of the other five. However, Thanos uses the power of the Time Stone to bring Vision back and rip the Mind Stone from him. While Thor makes a great attack on him, Thanos still succeeds in his mission and snaps his fingers, wiping out half the universe. There is a brief vision in which Thanos speaks to a small Gamora, but I believe this scene was just another pathetic attempt for us to pity a genocidal maniac. We slowly watch characters fade into dust as our hearts break. It’s difficult to watch something where the heroes fail, and this film really did it’s best to wreck its audience. 

The end credit scene is Fury driving with Hill when they discover people turning to dust. He rushes for a pager and as he fades away we see the screen of the pager show the symbol of Captain Marvel. 

That was a lot of information! Thank you for making it all the way to the end. While I did my best to prevent it from being a movie summary, I found that to be the only way to share my thoughts in an organized manner. I did combine certain scenes or bits of information that were directly tied together to make it easier to comprehend. Overall, while this movie had a large amount of technical faults due to poor writing and bad judgements for characters, it is still a very engaging film to watch. It is action packed and progresses all of the stories forward for the next phase in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. I pointed out all the issues I personally had with this film, but I’m sure there were a few other things that didn’t add up. I would also recommend watching the rest of the MCU before watching this movie, because there are far too many characters and plot developments for casual viewing. 

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