Spider-Man: Far From Home Review

After Endgame, it was hard to watch any Marvel movie. Of course, this one made me cry because they kept referring back to Tony and who he was to Peter. Sadly, this is also the last Marvel movie we have had in awhile, and it’s been tough. This film came out in 2019 and continued Peter’s journey as Spider-Man, now with the responsibility of some of Tony’s tech. This was an extremely emotional and somewhat frustrating movie, with a shocking end! I’m nervous for the next film. I know moving forward the MCU is going to be absolutely chaotic and emotional, so prepare yourselves. As for this film, let’s discuss it!

The film begins with a remembrance of the Avengers who gave their lives to bring everyone back. This includes Captain America because no one knows the truth of what happened to him and the assumption is that he’s dead. We learn that everyone is calling the event “The Blip” which is the stupidest name ever. They could’ve just called it “The Snap” because everyone knows what happened! After everything that happened, Peter is just trying to live a normal high school kids life and wants to take a break from his duties as an Avenger. However, that doesn’t really seem to be an option.

Peter’s class is going on a trip to Europe, and on the plane we see a film dedicated to Tony Stark. I demand that Marvel give us that film so that I may cry some more over Tony’s death. Peter pretty much breaks my heart this entire film, because he seems so lost without Tony and is doing his best to be someone he’s not sure he can be yet. He’s also trying to admit his feelings to MJ and their awkward flirting is the only accurate portrayal of high school romance there is. However, Nick Fury is following him to remind him of his duties as an Avenger. He is essentially having Peter become the new Iron Man and is trying to explain to him the importance of his title. Peter spent so long wanting to become an Avenger, but I don’t think he was aware of the responsponsibility and emotional toll it took. I don’t know if the MCU plans to have him as their next big character, but there are several parallels we see of him being a younger Tony, especially during that scene on the plane with Happy. 

Mysterio’s character is surprisingly savage for a Spider-Man villain, at least in the MCU, and strays from the comics in an interesting way. In the comics Mysterio is simply a failed magician who has somehow turned evil (I don’t know the details). However, in this film he is a former Stark employee who is trying to seek justice for his work. His work that was being used to develop a way for people to deal with their anxiety, depression, and PTSD, for the record. His willingness to kill a teenager is fairly dark for the film, and the turn his character takes is shocking. We were all under the impression that this film would be the one that opens up the Multiverse, but clearly it’s going to be the next one! I will say I would have liked to see more from his character, even if he was a villain. Marvel has a lot of one film villains and regardless of how we get there, we all know in the end the hero will win. 

Ignoring all of the hero stuff going on in this film, the realness of the high school characters was actually impressive. Peter is an awkward high school kid with a crush on a girl he’s afraid to ask out. It takes a lot of build up for him to finally express his feelings and she reciprocated, but still rather awkwardly. Ned and Beth, however, are the most accurate high school relationship. One that spawns from forced interaction, acts like a married couple, and ends just as quickly because there isn’t really such a thing as real love in high school. And they’re all dressed like high schoolers, instead of adults playing gorgeous high schoolers.

Though this film follows the general MCU plot, the end credits do not at all. Peter takes MJ for a ride across the city, leaving her somewhat terrified, and referencing a classic comic book scene. There is a fun cameo from the original J. Jonah Jameson as he begins on another tirade about why Spider-Man is a menace. However, the footage he reveals is extremely shocking. Mysterio claims that Spider-Man has killed him and exposes Peter as Spider-Man. This left us all in shock because how could they expose him like that? What will happen? The other scene shows that the real Nick Fury is in space living with the Skrulls, spearheading something. But what is it? We don’t know just yet! 

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