My Podcast: Podcasting Until Ragnarok

For the longest time I wanted to have a podcast of my own. I have feelings about pretty much everything and since I love listening to podcasts I thought it’d be fun to start my own! When COVID started, I thought it’d be a great opportunity to start recording my podcast. While I haven’t recorded for a few months, I’m planning on getting back into it soon! Here is a brief summary of the episodes I have so far with links to each. 

Episode One: “Reading the Heat” This episode is fairly short and introduces the podcast. There is a brief explanation of what the podcast is and who my target audience is, as well as who I don’t want listening. Then I read my short work of nonfiction that is featured on this blog called “The Heat.” Duration of 7:27 minutes.

Episode Two: “The Classroom and Parks n Rec” This episode begins with a reading of my short nonfiction piece “The Classroom.” Then it moves into a discussion about the characters and couples of Parks n Rec because I had recently finished rewatching it, again. Parks n Rec is a show I enjoy and despite not being a huge fan of Tom’s character, it’s a great show to binge. Sadly it is no longer on Netflix and is only on Hulu with the premium subscription. Duration of 14:42 minutes.

Episode Three: “Chatting About The Office” This episode is a follow up to the previous episode where I called out the relationship nonsense in this show. It is me breaking down the different relationships in the show and examining how realistic, or ridiculous, they are. I also discuss why I like the show and why it’s a good white noise show to have on. Unfortunately it is also no longer on Netflix so I’m open to show suggestions. There is a short reading of a fiction piece I wrote titled “The Little Brick Wall,” featured on this blog as well. Duration of 23:18 minutes.

Episode Four: “Reading Steve the Comma and Chatting” This episode features a reading of a fiction piece called “Steve the Comma” that is featured on this blog and written out of spite. I discuss Phase 1 of the MCU since, at the time, I had just finished reviewing it on this blog, and chat about what was announced during the DC Fandome event. At least what was announced that I have interest in. Duration of 34:50 minutes.

Episode Five: “The Bite of a Rose and Phone Games” This episode begins with a short reading of my fiction piece titled “The Bite of a Rose” that can be found on this blog. I then move into discussing what phone games have been keeping me occupied during quarantine, why I like them, and why you should consider checking them out! Duration of 18:52 minutes.

Episode Six: “The Creative Process” This episode is one of my favorites because it features my first guest! A good friend of mine comes on to chat about our individual creative processes, and some other fun things! It’s a hilarious episode and you can tell we’re having a great time chatting. I would highly recommend it if you’re looking for something fun to listen to. Duration of 53:51 minutes.

Episode Seven: “Discussing Lasik” This episode also features a guest! Shortly after getting Lasik eye surgery, my friend suggested making a podcast about it. I invited her to join me and we discussed our experiences with it, what we wish we had been told, and what it’s like to see now without assistance! Duration of 48:07 minutes.

Episode Eight: “Quick Update!” This episode is just a quick update about what’s going on with my podcast and what to expect in the future. Duration of 8:22 minutes.

Episode Nine: “Blogs and Movies” This episode features a return guest! We have a great discussion about their new blog they’ve been working on, which can be found here. We then play a fun game where I provide a movie title of an upcoming film and they provide a description based on the title. It’s extremely funny and enjoyable. We finish up with a few tangent discussions about movies we like and other topics. Duration of 1 hour and 16:33 minutes.

All of my writing mentioned above can be found in the “My Writing” category above.

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This week’s post is sponsored by Podcasting Until Ragnarok, a podcast I created that was inspired by this blog. Be sure to go check it out wherever you listen to your podcasts and subscribe!

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