Ahead of the Hell Curve

*credit for the title of this story goes to Fellow Alex who can be found here: LINK


Demons don’t believe in love. How can they, when they live and work in a place like Hell. It’s not all doom and gloom, depending on the level assignment, but there’s no bonding between them. Occasionally a friendship will form, but it never goes beyond that. 

But then there were rumors of a Demon falling in love with a college student; spending all his time with her. And another, Craven, who had befriended a human and would most likely fall for her at some point. And then there was Lucifer who, initially bound by a contract, befriended a human and put her in a high position of power when she died unexpectedly. It would only be a matter of time before he fell for her, assuming he hadn’t already. 

So the question had to be asked: Can a Demon fall in love? Sven didn’t know, but he was determined to find out what the appeal of a human was. 

He didn’t particularly like the land of the living. It was loud, dirty, and rather chaotic depending on where he went. But his determination knew no bounds. He was going to find out why humans were so appealing because it was only a matter of time before they walked into Hell like they owned the place.


Sven chose London to wander about because he enjoyed the English accents. He found that he had more of a Nordic accent and looked like a rustic Viking, according to several individuals he had already spoken to. He was fairly proud that he was handsome enough to attract the attention of these people, but they weren’t what he was looking for. 

He wasn’t sure what he was looking for actually, but he knew they weren’t it. It wasn’t the bold humans who were winning over the Demons, it was the quiet ones, the odd ones out. The ones who wanted nothing more than a friend in a world where people are too cruel.

He realized perhaps wandering the streets wasn’t the way to go, so he made his way into a quaint bookshop. The bookshop keeper mouthed a polite hello as he entered, clearly not wanting to disturb his customers with any noise. It was a quiet place with individuals reading in different seating areas. 

He glanced around and made his way to the back through the narrow bookshelf isles. The shelves reached the ceiling and he wondered how people were able to get up there. He reached the back and found a spiral staircase with a sign on it: “DO NOT ENTER.” 

Naturally he entered. He stepped over the sign and made his way up the spiral staircase, finding a large open room at the top with a few more bookshelves and a long window seat. A woman glanced up in a panic but looked relieved when she saw him. He casually walked over and glanced at the shelves, pretending he knew what he was doing.

“I thought you were the shopkeeper,” she whispered, “I’m not supposed to be up here. Neither are you!” she laughed softly. 

“I couldn’t help myself!” he whispered back, “A sign said no so my brain said yes,” he smirked and sat down. “What is this room?”

“As far as I can tell it’s the shopkeepers personal collection. It has some really old and delicate books, which is why they’re up here,” she smiled, “I’ve been sneaking up here for about a week now to read them.”

“And what happens if you get caught?”

“I’ll blame you because it’ll be your fault!” she chuckled. “But if you’d like to read with me, I recommend starting on that shelf,” she pointed to one nearby and returned to her reading. He made his way over to the shelf to browse. Just as he was getting a good look at everything, he heard someone making their way up the stairs. She looked up from her book in a panic and glanced at him. 

“Alright time to go,” he whispered and went over to her. He held his hand out and she took it curiously. In the blink of an eye they went from being upstairs in the off-limits room to being wedged between two bookshelves downstairs. She looked around confused and he smirked.

“How did you…?”

“I’ll explain later. Come on, it’s time to go.” He tugged her out of the store quickly and they somewhat ran off while laughing.

They slowed around the corner and she caught her breath.

“That was exhilarating! Seriously though, you did magic back there,” she lowered her voice, “Who are you?”

“My name is Sven, but the magic part is a story that maybe needs to be told over food?”

“Ok Sven, my name is Alva. There’s a good sandwich shop not far from here. Come on,” she held out her hand.


Sven sat across Alva with a sandwich and some hot tea, trying to figure out what his game plan here was. She watched him expectantly and curiously. 

“Alright so I doubt you’ll believe me, well you might since I teleported us, I’m a Demon. I came here to figure out what is so appealing about humans because it just, it baffles me!” he threw his hands in the air. “Demons keep falling in love with them! Even Lucifer got himself one and I don’t understand. What about you is so seductive?” he asked her, completely seriously.

“I mean, if you take me to a night club and get a few drinks in my I can give you a better idea,” she chuckled, “But I guess I understand? I’d probably pick a Demon over a human. We’re terrible,” she smirked.

“Well, you don’t seem terrible, but I’m still suspicious,” he raised an eyebrow. 

“Fair,” she shrugged, “if you end up curious though I’d be happy to have you join me for the rest of the day. I have some errands to run but I can take you to some cool places. The comic book store, some quirky store I never remember the name of, the CBD shop,” she smiled. 

“You would really be ok with a random Demon you met joining you for your day of errands?” he asked. 

“You did keep me from getting banned from my favorite bookstore, so yes!” 

He hummed and pondered this for a moment. “Ya alright why not. Maybe I’ll figure out what’s going on.”

“Maybe you’ll fall in love with me,” she winked. 

“Oh please,” he rolled his eyes, “I’m still not convinced Demons can fall in love so I’m not too concerned about falling in love with you.”

“I don’t know man, you wouldn’t have come here if it wasn’t possible,” she shrugged, “Plus I’m pretty damn cool so, you best watch yourself,” she laughed and they finished eating. 


He did fall in love with her; not that same day, but not too long after they first met. 


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