The Flight Attendant Review

This show interested me from the moment I heard about it, mainly because I didn’t fully understand what it was but was intrigued by the clips I had seen. I ended up watching it with my family and really enjoyed it overall! The way they showed her psychological breakdown, personal growth, and attempts at escapism were absolutely fascinating. Be warned, this post will contain spoilers! If you’d like to go watch the show first now’s your chance!

First I want to congratulate Kaley Cuoco on her acting range in this show and her production abilities. Previously I had only seen her in The Big Bang Theory as Penny, a fairly simplistic character, and as the voice of Harley Quinn in the animated show which only displayed her vocal acting range and not her full acting range. Getting to see her play a character whose life is seemingly falling apart and is suffering from alcoholism was incredible. She did an excellent job portraying how alcoholism can affect every aspect of a person’s life, the struggle someone faces when they realize their childhood wasn’t what they thought it was, and displaying the character’s journey to fix her life and her friendships. Cassie drank alcohol as a way to escape reality when things weren’t going the way she wanted, but also as a way to forget the trauma she faced as a child. Her escapism and alcoholism was also called out by others throughout the show as well, something that we don’t see often in media. She made me both love and hate the character at the same time!

One thing this show did that’s different to everything else I’ve seen is showing us what’s going on inside her mind. We’re not just watching her fall apart externally, but internally as well as she comes to grips with everything going on around her and the trauma from her past. There are scenes that are her speaking with Alex in her head, which is really her speaking with her subconscious without knowing it. She also sees him in moments of distress or anxiety, where she goes to drown her feelings in alcohol. Her inability to be alone with her thoughts is another thing that was done well and something I believe is more relatable to more people. While her character was seriously flawed, she developed well as the season went on, growing as an individual and learning from her past. This is something we don’t often see in shows over one season, especially when the character starts in such a dark place. 

Another thing I felt the show did well were the subplots, specifically Megan’s subplot that was what inevitably saved Cassie. At first I wasn’t sure what her story had to do with anything, but it was still interesting to try and figure out its relevance. The way it connected in the end was clever! It also helped set up a potential season two where Cassie works with the CIA and most likely grows more as a character! Buckley and Miranda are also alive so I’m sure they’ll reprise their roles in the future. Miranda was an interesting subplot because she developed an odd friendship with Cassie despite them having essentially nothing in common and not trusting each other from the start. 

Overall, I would recommend this show. It’s got great character development, well thought-out subplots, excellent acting, and is easy to follow along with. I didn’t cover everything about the show in this because I didn’t want to spoil too much and leave some things to be discovered by the viewer! If you watch it or have seen it please comment below your thoughts! 

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