Curious Ghosts

People seem to think a ghost’s main goal is to scare/haunt us, but I don’t think that’s necessarily true. I think they’re curious about our lives.  

Think about it, if you were a ghost from the 1800’s wouldn’t you want to know how the coffee maker works? Or flip lights on and off while staring at them? Maybe the house your inhabiting has a gaming console; how fun would it be to give it a go? Or watch the person who lives there now doing things on their phones and laptops! 

That cold breeze you feel over your shoulder as you’re working on your computer is just a curious ghost trying to figure what this tiny screen is. 

The shower water suddenly changing temperatures is a ghost trying to figure out how the lever changes the temp and where the water is coming from.  

Your appliances being on when you return home is a ghost trying to use it or show their friend this amazing thing they discovered. 

Ghosts who are stuck here aren’t trying to be malicious, they’re just trying to understand the way our technology works while wistfully thinking about how great their life would have been with all these things. 

Even a ghost from 10 years ago would be fascinated with how far certain technologies have come! Smartphones alone have changed dramatically.

Just some food for thought. Please comment what other things you think ghosts may be interested or fascinated by!

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