The Prisoner

The marble floor echoed as she strode with purpose down the long, wide hallway. Magical light illuminated the entrance to each cell, but the cells themselves remained fairly dark. The prisoners remained silent, knowing better than to make noise when she entered. She acted as the Warden, rarely caring for the reason the prisoners were there.

With one exception.

She reached the end of the hall and looked into the second-to-last cell. Slumped against the wall was an exhausted looking man, with torn clothing and chains on his wrists connected to the wall. There was a small barred window at the top of the cell, but it let in very little light and fresh air. 

He looked up as her shadow enveloped him and feigned a smirk. “Have you come to hear another story of my adventures?” 

Without a word she opened the cell door and walked in. He attempted to sit up but exhaustion made it difficult. She kneeled next to him and undid the chains on his wrist. They were bruised and he rubbed them gently, making small painful noises. 

She watched him for a moment before prompting him to stand with her help. 

“Why are you helping me?” he asked quietly. She shook her head and swung his arm over her shoulder.

“Do not waste your energy speaking.” Her voice was somewhat muffled from the mask she wore that covered the bottom half of her face. He was shocked to hear her speak after all this time of silence, but nodded his head in acknowledgement. 


She had plotted their path out ahead of time and came across no issues as they trudged along. 

Once they made it through the back gates she helped him atop and house and mounted it behind him. She grabbed the reins with one hand and wrapped her other arm around his waist. 

“Lean against me, don’t fall off,” she commanded.

“Why are you helping me?” He leaned against her as commanded.

“Because your story is not over, and mine is only beginning.”


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