The Forest

The forest floor was soaked as rain poured down through the treetops. All of the animals in the forest had fled to find cover in the hallows of the trees or small caverns. All except one creature, who wandered through the trees aimlessly. 

The rain soaked through to her bones, her long hair clung to her head, her dress felt heavy and tore as it snagged on branches. She looked up to the sky and shut her eyes.

“Is this my punishment? Is that what I get for what I’ve done?” 

Lightning flashed through the sky and thunder cackled in response to her. It was mocking her. She laughed and spread her arms out wide, accepting what it had to give. 

“There is nothing you can do to punish me! Nothing you can do to stop me! I feed off of your rage.” She opened my mouth to taste the bitterness of the rain. 

Just then, a lighting bolt struck the tree nearest to her, shattering the base of the tree. It creaked and cried before splitting in half and falling in front of her. Fire engulfed it and spread to the nearby trees.

This was her fate now. To be trapped in this burning forest that was flooded with rain. This was her punishment. This was her damnation. 


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