Face Masks

For clarity, this is about skin care face masks, not covid-prevention face masks! 

Face masks have become an important and popular part of skin care, especially with Korean products becoming more popular! This week I want to talk about the different types and brands of face masks I use. I’ve heard people say face masks don’t actually work, but they’re wrong. Our skin absorbs what we put on it, which is why we use lotion for our dry skin! If I use a moisturizing mask with vitamins, then my skin is going to absorb the moisture and vitamins! Duh! There are different types of face masks, which I will discuss first, then I’ll move into the brands I use on a regular basis. Remember, everyone’s skin is different so it’s important to try new products with caution and don’t rely on just my experience with them!

Sheet Masks: Sheet masks are my favorite type of masks because they are the easiest masks to use. They come in a package and are placed over your face for about 10-20 minutes, then can be thrown out easily! They’re one-time use masks and will always be a bit too big for your face, but they’re easy to throw on while having a self-care day. They have the largest variety of options in stores and are the easiest to remove should your skin have a negative reaction. If they work out well for you, you can massage in the oils and moisturizer afterwards to extend the benefits of the mask! I feel that these provide the most obvious benefits because their moisture is being absorbed into the skin, providing a refreshing feeling. 10/10 recommend. 

Peel-Off Masks: Peel-off masks are my second favorite type of masks because they’re somewhat easy to use and it makes me feel like I have a brand new face. They go on your face in a clay-like form and dry so they can be peeled off. You can cover your entire face or you can focus on trouble areas. With these I would recommend using a small spot to test out your skin’s reaction to it because if it bothers you before it dries it’ll have to be washed off and may cause extra irritation due to prolonged contact with your skin. Personally, I like using clay-like peel-off masks instead of the actual clay masks. These masks require a moisturizer afterwards because they tend to remove everything from your face. I like them because it feels like all the dirt, dead skin cells, and excess are being removed from my face and I can start fresh! 9/10 recommend.

Wash-Off Masks: These masks are my least favorite because the process of washing them off is somewhat tedious. I’ll use them occasionally before I hop in the shower so I can wash it off more easily. I would also recommend the spot test with these, like with the peel-off masks, because of the process of washing them off. These don’t really have any obvious effects after usage honestly, they’re really more for fun. 4/10 recommend. 

I Dew Care: This is by far my favorite brand for Korean skin-care in general, especially for peel-off and wash-off face masks. They have sheet masks as well, but I tend to use TonyMoly for sheet masks. I mainly buy their peel-off masks but on occasion I’ll buy the small versions of the wash-off masks. I also use some of their other products such as the eye cream, lip mask, and vitamin-C products. These masks and products are reasonably priced and can be found at any Ulta. 

Oh K!: This brand is another one I love, and has some great peel-off and sheet masks. Their sheet masks are a bit fancier than others so they’re about 1$ or so more expensive, but I like them and still think they’re reasonably priced. Their peel-off masks are especially nice because they come in a tube and you can get a lot of masks out of one tube. I also use their moisturizers as part of my skin care routine, found at Ulta.  

TonyMoly: This brand has some great sheet masks and has the most options for them. I generally buy this brand for sheet masks because I’ve always had good experiences with them and can buy a new one every time. They’re reasonably priced and there are so many worth trying! I’ve used some of their skin care before as well, but prefer I Dew Care and Oh K! for skin care products. Also found at Ulta. 

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