The Falcon and the Winter Soldier Review

Now this show is one I was seriously looking forward to because I absolutely love Bucky. Him and Loki are my top two favorite characters in the MCU. I was disappointed when the show got pushed back, but I’m still excited to see it! It’s only six episodes which I think is the perfect amount, but they may be extra stressful since there’s less run-time for things to happen. This review was written week-to-week, so each episode review is being written right after the episode comes out. I did it this way because I think it’s better than trying to review the season as a whole, though I will provide general thoughts at the end. THIS REVIEW CONTAINS SPOILERS!

Episode One: Right off the bat I like this show better than WandaVision because it sets up their story very clearly and shows where they are. It’s easy to follow along and Bucky finally has some personality! Sam is working with the Army/Air Force on covert missions and hasn’t taken up the mantle of Captain America. In fact, he handed over the shield which, by the end of the episode, we learn was a huge mistake because the government has made a new “captain america” and given him the shield. We also meet Sam’s family and learn a bit more about the struggles of those who survived the snap and how the world is adapting to their return. As for Bucky, he’s in therapy after being granted a pardon and is expected to make amends for his wrong doings. While he has three rules, he has still somewhat been doing things his own way and it’s fun to watch. He has nightmares of what he’s done, and there’s a heartbreaking moment when we learn that the old man he’s friends with is the father of an innocent man he killed as the Winter Soldier. I wasn’t anticipating crying so soon, but I did so I can only imagine things will get deeper and more emotional from here. 

Episode Two: This show is so fucking good and the new “captain america” is a fucking asshole. He is probably the most hated character there is right now. We learn more about Bucky’s past as he continues to break out hearts as he gets mad at Sam because if Steve was wrong about Sam, that means Steve was wrong about Bucky. He is now involved in Sam’s hunt for the flag smashers and I really hope they get the shield back. There is also some incredible moments in this episode where they truly show the racism black people face on a daily basis. First when Bucky takes them to see Isiah, who we learn is an enhanced hero but was hidden from the world, locked up, and experimented on for ages. Second there is racial profiling as some police officers assume Sam is harassing Bucky, but their entire tone changes whent hey realize they’re Avengers. I loved how Bucky was not putting up with that shit and I really wish rule number two didn’t exist. Watching Bucky work in general is also really cool and I just love him so much. This show is so incredible and set way higher standards for the MCU than WandaVision ever could. Also, hate John Walker, NOT KURT RUSSEL. 

Episode Three: This episode brought in some familiar faces, Zemo and Sharon Carter. I can honestly say I would rather see Zemo over Sharon. I have never liked Sharon and I will never like Sharon, and she’s clearly up to something and I don’t trust her. At least with Zemo we know what his MO is, but her? Nope no thank you. While I don’t like Zemo for what he did to Bucky, and the Avengers but mainly Bucky, he is weirdly more likeable than Sharon and has great outfits. I don’t trust him though, and I expect he’ll create different issues moving forward. This episode took us to a lawless place that honestly looks like a great time. In order to blend in, Bucky had to assume the role of the Winter Soldier once again and it was extremely badass and hot. They were able to gain some information and honestly I’m glad Zemo killed the guy making the serum! Bucky is really close to stealing the shield it seems and good for him. At the end of the episode Bucky’s connections to Wakanda return as one of the generals (I think) of the Dora Milaje has come for Zemo. This makes sense because Zemo killed T’Challa’s dead, their former king. I’m curious how Bucky will proceed from here because Wakanda is the only place he felt peace, he says, and based on his title of White Wolf he is a significant member to them now. Oh, and while I don’t think the Flag Smashers are terrible people, clearly their leader Karli is going down a dark path and I feel her followers will falter if she continues down this path. 

Episode Four: Bucky’s emotional range in this show is what we deserved from the start. We begin with an emotional scene where Ayo is testing the trigger words on Bucky and he begins to sob happily once he realizes he’s finally free of HYDRA’s control. Getting to see his character development is absolutely incredible and emotional. This episode was really interesting because Walker seems to be mentally breaking, and by the end of the episode he does but we’ll get to that. He’s going after Karli with everything he’s got and messes up Sam’s opportunity to speak with her. Sam was seemingly able to have a conversation with her but Walker messed it all up. Then Karli goes on to threaten Sam’s sister which kinda goes against what her original purpose was. She’s becoming the villain we all thought she was going to be. We also have yet to see the Power Broker, and I still strongly dislike and distrust Sharon Carter. I hope we never see her again. The Dora Milaje come for Zemo, who escapes because Walker is a pompous ass, and Ayo says something to Bucky but we don’t know what it is. He also learns that his arm can be popped off. I’m worried they’ve revoked his White Wolf status or something, but hopefully it wasn’t that. As the episode comes to an end, Walker fucking snaps, takes the serum, looses his friend, and kills one of the Flag Smashers WITH THE FUCKING SHIELD. Thankfully it was all recorded and no doubt uploaded to the internet so I sincerely hope his status as “Captain America” is revoked because fuck that guy.

Episode Five: I really liked the change of pace in this episode. First, the beat up John Walker and stole the shield from him, thank fuck. Second, he got revoked as Captain America and now he’s gone rogue which just shows how much a shithead he is. Third, Bucky and Sam’s friendship has grown and it was really nice to see Bucky be more relaxed and happy for once. Also, them throwing the shield back and forth was entertaining to watch. Sam’s struggle with deciding if he wants to be Captain America after learning Isaiah’s story was really interesting because for a moment there I feared he wouldn’t want to take up the mantle. But by the end we know he has, and no doubt the gift from the Wakandians is his new suit. He also left the wings with Torres who, in the comics, is the next Falcon. I’m very curious as to how the final episode is going to go, surely it will be action packed, but what will it lead up to? This episode did have an end-credit scene, so I imagine the next one will have two, but what will they be??

Episode Six: I’m really pleased with the way this show ended, how comic-accurate it seemed to be, and how Bucky is now. And guess who was right about Sharon Carter from the start! Fucking bitch no one should be a fan of her wtf. Sam is finally Captain America with a badass suit and still has his wings. He goes to save the day and after fighting the Flag Smashers, and watching Karli die at the hands of Sharon Carter (A BITCH), he stands up to the GRC and gives an incredible speech that only Captain America could give. John Walker becomes the U.S. Agent, as he is in the comics, which unfortunately means we’ll see him again. Bucky fights for what is right and once again made my cry as he told Yuri he killed his son. But, he was able to find closure in this and seemingly goes to live with Sam and looks genuinely happy for once. There was only one end-credit scene which just shows that bitch being a bitch. I’m super excited to see Bucky and Sam in their next show or movie! 

Overall, an incredible show 10 outta 10 will watch again. WAY better than WandaVision and it had incredible end-credit art. If for some reason you haven’t watched it, you should! You don’t necessarily have to be an MCU fan to enjoy it, at least I think so. 

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