Marvel Legends Review

Marvel really came into 2021 and decided to give us a shitton of content, which is great! I was deprived in 2020. This show in particular is interesting because it’s essentially just a recap of who the characters are in the MCU. The episodes are airing as the MCU shows and movies come out, but I’m curious when the episodes for the MCU characters who are no longer in the MCU will come out. Since the series is not complete this is just a general review about the Legends show. I assume all the episodes will be similar though, just varying in length! 

I originally thought the episodes would be narrated and much longer, but they were fairly short and featured scenes depicting the journey of the MCU character rather than being narrated like a documentary. I liked this much better than if it were narrated because it was like watching a small movie. It featured the characters most memorable moments, good and bad, when they were introduced, and who they were when we last saw them. This is better because it serves more as a refresher-show rather than a documentary-style show. The short length of each episode is also helpful because it’s easy to watch it quickly to catch up before watching the new show or movie coming out.

I’m unsure if this will be an ongoing show as the MCU grows, or if it will eventually come to an end. Is its purpose to refresh the memories of people before they watch the new shows, or is it to basically have a log of the characters in the MCU? Either way I’m going to watch every episode that comes out! If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to remember who characters are in the MCU, I would highly recommend watching this show. However, I would recommend watching the movies and shows over this show specifically if you don’t know a character because you still might be lost if you fully rely on this show.

This is a fairly short review, but since I’m dedicated to MCU and Marvel content I’ll be posting reviews for all of their content. I’m also going to start reviewing the animated shows, from the classics to the most recents ones! 

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