Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends Review

Onto the next Spider-Man show, also from 1981! This time Peter has friends, shocking given his reputation! This show seems to be set just after the events of the previous show given that Peter looks the same, however he sounds different. It used a lot of the same dramatic music as well during intense scenes. This show did seem to be geared more towards a younger audience, but of course it still had its peculiar moments. At some point Stan Lee began narrating the show which was really cool, but he did kinda spoil what was going to happen early-on! 

Spider-Man was still his usual self in this show, but now that he was sharing the spotlight he made less quips and wasn’t always the star of the show. He continued in his attempts to flirt with everyone, but his main crush seemed to be Firestar. He did have one episode where he went full Disney princess, falling in love with a woman he had only just met. We got a full episode about Spider-Man’s backstory, which fit in with the comics for the most part. I found it interesting that they waited until halfway through the show to give his backstory. He seemed willing to give up rather quickly at times though, which was tedious to watch.

Firestar was kinda naive and dumb in this show, but given the time it aired it’s not a huge surprise that the women weren’t portrayed as strong or smart as the men. She was fairly gullible which was tedious to watch and she was willing to just go off with any mysterious man if she found them attractive, which pissed me off. But when she was able to use her powers correctly she proved to be a valuable asset to the team. Her backstory was interesting because she was bullied most of her life and while she did get revenge, I would have preferred for her to have burned her bully! 

Iceman was my least favorite out of the three. His humor was more ‘male-based’ so I didn’t enjoy it, and he only worked well alongside the other two. When he was alone it was frustrating to watch. He also flirted with every female he came across which didn’t add to the humor of the show. His backstory was somewhat lame because it was just: he got his powers, he had to hide them, he had to learn to control them, he became an X-Men, he ditched the X-Men and became Spidey’s friend. I also learned he has a sister, which is the only time he showed genuine care for someone else that wasn’t self-centered. 

The majority of villains were once again Spider-Man villains, but there were some others thrown into the mix as per the previous show. Dr-not-a-real-doctor Doom returns trying to, once again, become the master/ruler/leader of the world. Magento returned in his cheesy outfit and didn’t seem as powerful as anticipated. Flash was featured in the show and they drew him to look like a buff jock, but he ended up looking like a creepy large man. Also Aunt May, who I declared the real villain of the show in the previous review, continues to be annoying and not able to pay her bills. But thankfully she wasn’t as heavily featured since the show had three main characters to follow around. 

The X-Men had the most cameos in the show since two of three main characters are mutants, but of course there were so regular Avenger chaos as well. The animations for the mutant powers were hilarious and cheesy! Iron Man made a small appearance, as did S.H.I.E.L.D., but overall there weren’t any mind-blowing cameos. The show did just kinda end, which threw me off but I shouldn’t be expecting these shows to wrap things up like normal shows! 

Overall, I would recommend the Spider-Man show I reviewed last week over this show. I think the balance of the three characters made it more difficult to have the silly humorous moments or enjoyable battles. As mutants, Iceman and Firestar should have been able to capture many of those villains faster than they did, without Spider-Man’s help. Of  course this is a kids show, but as an adult it was frustrating at times! 

Highlights from the show:

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