Iron Man 1994 Review

This is the first Iron Man animated show I’ll be watching and honestly I’m not sure how well I’ll like it. Robert Downy Jr. is and always will be my Iron Man, so to hear someone else voice the character will be a peculiar experience. This show aired in 1994 and only has one season with 26 episodes. Let’s jump right in!

The intro was kinda cheesy and didn’t really have good music, but it showed him putting on the suit and who some of the villains were so I suppose that was alright. I have to say right off the bat the villains in this show are kinda ridiculous but in a funny way. They all have silly names and look like exaggerated versions of themselves. And boy is his suit muscular! There are also super weird graphics changes at points when he’s in the suit, which I didn’t like. About halfway through the show the intro changed so I wonder if maybe this was originally a season 2 but it got combined on here. We know Disney has some issues with these older shows so I wouldn’t be surprised if that was the case. They changed Tony’s looks as well for some unknown and stupid reason. In fact, they changed the looks of almost everyone for some reason. It seems that they changed the coloring of the animation which in turn changed the characters’ looks, but it just is weird to watch. 

Hawkeye, Spider-Woman, War Machine, a basically naked Scarlet Witch, and Century were his companions for the show in a team called Force Works. This was a somewhat odd choice I think but hey, whatever works. Scarlet Witch was super Russia and her and Spider-Woman def had a thing for Tony, Hawkeye has a flying motorcycle, and War Machine had a weird obsession with Tony. Also, Tony is already a nickname, so calling him Tone was stupid. In the second half we were introduced to an A.I. and Agent Fury as well.

It took 14 episodes for the show to take any sort of shift, with Iron Man fighting the same enemies over and over again with the exact same results up until this point. The shift did lose some of his team members though, which was kinda stupid, but at least he got some new villains. However, he was given long, flowy hair which doesn’t really fit the character of Tony Stark at all. The show was still pretty ridiculous though and the entire time the Mandarin was still trying to get his shit together and make a dramatic return. 

I really wouldn’t recommend this show, not even as a background show. It’s far too ridiculous to enjoy and you’re not really missing out on anything. At least the show ended well, with it wrapping things up. Force Works got back together, Tony ended up with Julia (Spider-Woman), and The Mandarin lost his memory so he stopped being evil. Although, I’m pretty sure he either got his hands or fingers chopped off but whatever. 

It was difficult to review this show since it was so rough to watch, and I often had it on in the background because focusing on it was too frustrating. If you’re looking for a show to watch, check out the X-Men show I reviewed last week instead!

Here are some reactions I had while watching the show:

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