Fantastic Four 1994

This show only has one season and had a super peppy intro! The intro very clearly explained how they got their powers and who they were. It was honestly super cheesy but in a fun way. I must say I really can’t wait for the animation style to change because it’s getting tough to watch these weird looking faces. Now I don’t really know a whole bunch about the Fantastic Four, but I have seen the movies they made! Honestly I liked those movies, but we’re here to discuss this silly show!

Reed Richards really is true to his character in this, only fully focused on his work and giving Sue and the rest his divided attention. Of course he’s brilliant, but his need to narrate things got old quickly. Also, his animation style made him look vastly older than the others which was weird given how young sue looked. I wasn’t a huge fan of him, but I was able to tolerate him throughout the show.

Sue was fairly neutral and logical. She was a good character, a good wife to Reed, and knew how to use her powers logically. However, the animation for her face made her look way too young for Reed and oftentimes it looked like she didn’t have a nose! I would say she lived up to my expectations of the characters and had full range of her powers, which was refreshing. 

I have mixed feelings about Johnny. The character of the Human Torch is one I like, with the understanding that he’s meant to be immature and hot-headed. I also know he is younger than Sue. However, there is a difference between him being immature and him basically being a child, which is how they portrayed him in this show. His voice was fairly young sounding, Reed often called him Son (which, wtf? He’s your brother in law dude), and his childish nature isn’t that of an adult being stupid but rather a kid being a kid. I was disappointed in this portrayal of his character. I was happy he ended up with Crystal though!

Ben, or the Thing, was honestly really annoying and tedious to watch in this. He always acted irrationally and without thinking. In fact, I’m not sure he ever really thought before speaking either. These traits should be more for Johnny, not Ben, so it was tedious. It was nice that he dated Alicia, but I really couldn’t stand him when he spoke. 

I know this show is from the 90’s, but I’ve been watching so many at this point that I can confidently say the animation in this one really fell short. It looked peculiar whenever someone was speaking and the action scenes were choppy. Honestly, any and all movements looked weird. 

They faced their own villains and some others as well, but I liked how it focused on their villains most of the time. They acknowledged the Avengers and other heroes without making me question why the others weren’t doing anything. The only thing I found peculiar was their friendship with Galactus at the end. It felt more like something I’d read in fanfiction rather than see in a show! 

I did skip the episode with Impossible Man because I absolutely can’t stand that character in anything. But overall the show is pretty good for the time and good cheesy fun if that’s what you’re looking for! 

Here are some comments I made while watching the show:

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