Silver Surfer 1998 Review

I’m going to start off by saying I really don’t understand why the Silver Surfer, of all characters, has a show. While the Silver Surfer is an interesting character at his core, I don’t believe he will work well as a main character instead of a side character. I’m curious to see if this show was something well planned out or if it is just a collection of episodes where the Silver Surfer does various things. This show has one season and there are only 13 episodes. 

The intro to this show was fairly dramatic with some opera music and some odd animation choices. At the time I’m sure these animations were top quality, but to watch them now is somewhat difficult. The animation style did change for the entire show and it looked more like watching a comic book in action instead of an animated show. It wasn’t easy to get used to since it was inconsistent throughout the series. Overall, I didn’t enjoy the looks of this show and the looks of certain characters. The Silver Surfer was the only character who looked how he was supposed to.

The first episode set up the story of the Silver Surfer and how he came to be. His goals were clear: save his planet and save other planets from Galactus’ hunger as his herald. He only served Galactus for 2 episodes though, before going off on his own to prove Galactus wrong about how the universe views him. His goal now is to find his love Shalla-Bal and Zen-la but there is some foreshadowing that his journey will bring great chaos to the universe. As the series continues he tries to help where he can but only chaos follows. He never finds Zen-la and the show actually ends on a cliff hanger as the fate of the universe hangs in the balance as Thanos threatens to destroy it for his statue love he is simping over hardcore. I did check and there is no second season, and while I wasn’t invested in the ending it was frustrating to not see the completion of the story.

One of The Watchers narrated aspects of the show for viewers, which served as recap at the start of each episode. They also tend to interfere a lot for a group of beings who vow never to interfere. Well the one does, the other Watchers have turned into Virals. The Silver Surfer himself is a tolerable character who struggles with his morality throughout the series. Galactus is true to his character, and the other characters throughout the show were tolerable as well. Except Thanos because he was constantly talking to his statue of Lady Chaos and was simping for a STATUE the entire season. It was difficult to watch because I don’t think it was ever actually Lady Chaos, just a statue of her he decided could speak to him. 

Other Marvel characters that appeared in this show, in order of appearance, were Thanos, Ego, Nova (Herald of Galactus), Mentor, Drax, Nebula, Gamora, Beta Ray Bill, and Adam Warlock. There were a few other small characters as well but these are the most significant and recognizable. 

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