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This is by far the MCU show I am most excited for because I have loved Loki since the Avengers movie in 2012. I’m sure this show will be good, just like FWS, but in it’s own way. Naturally it’ll be better than WandaVision, but also Loki is just better in general. There will only be six episodes so this review was written week-to-week. Each episode review is being written right after the episode comes out. I did it this way because I think it’s better than trying to review the season as a whole, though I will provide general thoughts at the end. THIS REVIEW CONTAINS SPOILERS!

Episode One: I have to say Marvel should stick to shows instead of movies because their shows are absolutely incredible. Loki showed more emotional range in this one episode than he did in anything else he was in. Loki doesn’t know what’s going on; he doesn’t know what the TVA is; he doesn’t know what’s going to happen to him. There were moments of humor where his personality shined and a few moments of what seemed like growth. He watched the rest of his life play out and watching him go through all that pain at once was difficult. It was emotional to watch him admit that he didn’t like hurting people either and that he was the weak he was referring too earlier. The moment we discovered the variant they were hunting was another him was shocking though, and I’m honestly beyond confused. Of course there were a lot of little easter eggs and details that Marvel is famous for. Loki’s gender is labeled as “fluid” which is great! There was also a moment where I’m pretty sure Peggy Carter was being arrested, though why we may never know. However, there were some unfortunate plot-holes as well. If Loki wasn’t meant to escape, what was meant to happen? The Tesseract ended up at his feet because of what was suppose to happen, so how can there be an outcome where he doesn’t escape? Also, how is Steve’s time travel logical then because it clearly goes against the sacred timeline since it’s well established in the Peggy Carter show she doesn’t end up with Steve??? Another thing is the theory that the time keepers actually won the war and are residing over the multiverse as supposed gods, controlling everything and making what they want to happen. 

Episode Two: Alright so here’s the thing: they really could’ve picked someone better to play Lady Loki (or whoever she is). Someone significant or who even has been fancast as Lady Loki instead of whoever this is because she doesn’t really fit the character. Of course there’s more of her to see, but I really don’t think she was the correct choice. She doesn’t radiate the confidence and suave that the character should have. Looking beyond that, another great episode! Loki’s motivation for doing anything is somewhat unclear, which makes sense, but I don’t want him to be the traditional bad guy in this show. He starts off by doing some training which he only somewhat pays attention to (as someone who’s done video training for work, I feel), he gets a cool jacket I want to purchase, and seems somewhat helpful as he’s figured out where the variant is hiding. However, he stalls to help his counterpart escape early-on and leaves with Lady Loki at the end of the episode. I don’t know why he left with her, perhaps out of curiosity, but I fear we won’t get the development in him we were hoping for. I would also like to see him use more of his magic because he has great potential we still have yet to see. Also, the timeline has been bombed, which may or may not connect to the Multiverse of Madness but we shall see! 

Episode Three: I still think the actress was a poor choice for Sylvie, who is technically a Loki variant for some reason despite the fact that Enchantress (Sylvie in the comics) isn’t technically a Loki. I struggle with understanding her or how she became a variant, it must have been at a very young age but I’m not fully convinced she’s a real Loki. She still doesn’t have the right attitude, confidence, or overall vibe to be this character. Aside from the show attempting to get us to like or pity her, the episode was pretty good. The visuals were stunning and Loki’s sass was beautifully done. He sang a beautiful song, shared magic his mother taught him, and shared his love for his mother. They also acknowledged his bisexuality and on his file had him as genderfluid so we truly have the Loki we deserve. I noticed he’ll have moments of the Loki we know and moments of growth, just balanced out enough to satisfy the watcher. Sylvie did possess some useful knowledge though: all of the members of the TVA are variants who have had their memories erased. This is a curious plot twist and now I wonder what else we don’t know? This episode ended with the idea that Loki and Sylvie are to be destroyed on Lametis III, but given that there’s 3 more episodes I’m sure something will work out for them! Though I could live with something only working out for him and not her. 

Episode Four: A lot happened in this episode and I was left with more questions than before. Some backstory was provided on Sylvie but it didn’t make sense with what we know about the sacred timeline. She was born the Goddess of Mischief but wasn’t taken until she was already a child growing up on Asgard and wasn’t told why she was taken. So there isn’t one timeline because how would that make any sense? I’m so confused at this point. Also lets discuss that nexus event Loki and Sylvie caused. There are several things it could’ve been, in theory, and I’m glad Mobius called out how demented and fucked up it would be if it were a romantic relationship between them, which for Marvel’s sake it really better NOT be a romantic relationship. One theory is that it’s technically Loki finally loving himself, something he wasn’t supposed to do on the sacred timeline. The other is similar, but it’s Loki being happy finally and at peace, also something he wasn’t supposed to do or feel on the sacred timeline. I would really like some answers that aren’t the demented relationship idea. They end up back at the TVA and we get to see Lady Sif after so long of wondering what happened to her! They used a classic story from Norse Mythology as well with Loki cutting off some of her hair. Mobius and Hunter B-15 learn the truth about the TVA, but unfortunately Mobius is pruned (Loki looks so heartbroken after the loss of his friend) and I’m unclear on what happened to Hunter B-15. Ravonna is clearly a bitch though and up to something, but the question remains, what? The Time Keepers are finally shown, but something seemed off about them and I was right because they turned out to be androids. Loki knows he can create another nexus event but is pruned in the process, which as a Loki fan, wasn’t as shocking as they may have intended. Sylvie goes off and defeats Ravonna in battle but doesn’t prune her and instead demands answers, which we have to wait for. This one at least had an end-credit where Loki woke up on a destroyed planet to other Loki variants. Kid Loki (YAY YOUNG AVENGERS), OG comics Loki, Boastful Loki (I think), and Alligator Loki (what).

Episode Five: There’s a lot to unpack and discuss in this episode. We learned what pruning really does to somewhere, that there’s a place somewhat outside of time where things that are pruned go, and that the end of time is still being written. Loki wakes up in a place called the Void where Loki variants live because that’s what they do: survive. There is a great beast there called Alioth that consumes everything that enters there. Kid Loki is in charge (for a bit) because he killed Thor. Classic Loki lived in isolation for so long after confirming our Infinity War theories before wanting to see Thor again. I don’t know Alligator Loki’s story but I love him deeply, and I don’t care for boastful Loki. This episode feels like absolute chaos for a bit as all the other Loki variants that have survived (including President Loki) show up to Kid Loki’s hideout to take over. However, Alligator Loki bites off President Loki’s hand and a chaotic brawl ensues. Our Loki, Classic Loki, Kid Loki, and Alligator Loki escape and come across Sylvie and Mobious who lives! He is determined to burn the TVA to the ground (as inspired by his friend Loki) while Loki and Sylvie are going to enchant Alioth because she knows it’s guarding whoever is behind everything. They had more friendship type moments in this episode, but I feel that Marvel is still riding the line between what’s acceptable and what isn’t. The episode ends somewhat sadly with Classic Loki dying for his Glorious Purpose, creating an illusion of Asgard to have one last happy memory, before we’re left on a cliffhanger. This episode did have some wonderful easter eggs as well! The wrecked Sanctum Sanctorum, QENG Tower, Red Skull’s Escape Aircraft, Yellojacket’s Helmet, the THANOS-COPTER, Throg and Mjolnir, the Dark Aster, The Living Tribunal’s Statue, and a S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier.

Episode Six: I’ll be completely honest, I waited to watch this episode because I saw a spoiler and am furious with what Marvel did. But now I’m watching it so I can be specifically upset. The intro to this episode was really cool though because it included a lot of Marvel character voices, important figures speaking, and music. Kang the Conqueror, or He Who Remains, was featured in this episode as the ruler of the TVA and honestly his explanation for it made sense. He feared himself so he protected his timeline at the cost of free will basically. I understand why he did what he did and I like that Loki actually wanted to think about their actions before continuing. He grew a lot as an individual in the show. Mobius ends up back at the TVA and showed everyone the truth before going to confront Ravonna, who ran off to who knows where. Overall I wasn’t too upset with how the episode went, but I want to say that I was right about Sylvie. AND everytime I dislike a character, I end up being right. They do kiss which was HORRIFIC but she forced him away to completely destroy the multiverse and he ended up in one of the off branches because of her stupid ass deicion. The episode ended with Loki realizing what had happened and an announcement of season 2 is made, thank the gods.

Overall I struggled with this show because of the character of Sylvie and how poorly Sophia De Martini portrayed the character. I love Loki and I loved his character development in this show, plus the plot and story were really good! But she kinda ruined the fun of it and I think it would’ve been better if a better actress played her character. I do look forward to the chaos of this all though upcoming in the movies and next season.

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