Avengers: United They Stand Review

Finally something that is focused on the Avengers! While I don’t know which characters will be featured in this show just yet, I’m looking forward to seeing a larger group in action. I hope that each character has a distinct personality, is somewhat likeable/relatable, and contributes to the overall progression of the plot. This show only has one season, has 13 episodes, and aired in 1999. I’m excited to see what this show has to offer!

The intro to the show reminded me of the intro to the X-Men show but with someone whispering “Avengers” every few seconds. It introduced all the Avengers who are presumably main characters in this show and featured a few clips from the series. The Avengers featured in this show, in order of appearance, were Vision, Ant-Man, Wasp, Wonder Man, Scarlet Witch, Tigra, Hawkeye, and Falcon (and Redwing). Wonder Man sat dormant for most of the episodes though and Falcon didn’t come into play right away.

Ant-Man, or Henry Pym, is the leader of the Avengers because Thor, Captain American, and Iron Man don’t seem to be around. He doesn’t seem confident as a leader yet though and makes decisions I don’t always agree with. Both his and Wasp’s outfits changed as they changed size which seemed like a continuity error, or just an odd choice. Wanda somewhat dramatically announces her changing of things, like Storm did in X-Men, which was odd to watch because it seemed extra compared to everyone else. How Vision came to be was what I found especially odd, but he was the Vision I somewhat know personality wise so that was nice to see. They also had a cheesy sequence each episode where the Avengers were ‘suiting up’ in their all robotic-type outfits designed by Ant-Man. Some of their outfits in general were very odd because they were odd adaptations of the classic comic book costumes. 

My favorite character was Tigra because she had a strong personality, was sassy, funny, and relatable. Also she was voiced by the same person who voiced Rogue in the X-Men show I loved! I wish she had been featured more and given a backstory. None of them really got a backstory aside from Vision and Wanda. My least favorite character was probably Ant-Man because he was the weakest character and lacked personality. I also didn’t feel he was a good leader and didn’t make the best decisions for the team. Wonder Man was fairly lackluster as well but since he wasn’t featured for most of the episodes it was hard to make a judgement about his character. Everyone else was alright, but no one really stood out personality wise or in terms of character development. Hawkeye also had an uncharacteristic deep voice that I found to be somewhat unsettling. 

Ultron was a consistent villain in the show, with others only appearing in an episode or two for various plot points. Not very many of their stories were wrapped up though, and none of them were given backstories either. Villains and other characters featured in the show, in order of appearance, were Ultron, Jarvis, Kang the Conqueror, Swordsman, Ringmaster, Baron Zemo and the Masters of Evil, Captain America, Namor, Iron Man, Egghead, The Grim Reaper, Agatha Harkness, Vertigo, and a collection of the Zodiac signs. 

Overall, the show didn’t really live up to my expectations for an Avengers show. I know this is still an older shower and had some peculiar aspects to it, but I was really excited to see the Avengers. Since the X-Men show and one of the Spider-Man shows were good, I had higher hopes for this one. It seems they still need a few years to go before they figure out how to make a good Avengers show! The animation is improving greatly and I’m sure as we move into the 2000’s it’ll be easier to watch. Since there wasn’t much to wrap up the ending wasn’t disappointing nor was it pleasing. I don’t think I’d recommend this show though!

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