Where Does Inspiration Come From?

As a writer I often have people ask me where or what I get inspiration from and I panic and say “uh, everything!” Because honestly I get inspiration from so many different things/places that I’ve found it’s easier to say everything instead of having to list off everything that inspires me. Or I will pick a few main things that inspire me but the answer changes every single time. However, today I am going to attempt to list off the things that inspire me and discuss why!

Movies/TV: This is the most common answer I give because I consume a lot of media! I watch a large variety of TV shows and movies. I’m not the type of person to sit there and try to predict an ending or analyze something afterwards because I don’t find that to be fun. But I do enjoy creating characters that would fit into the worlds or creating worlds based on what I’ve been watching. Of course sometimes I just write fanfiction with the established characters and world, but other times I get inspired to write something based on a small idea from the TV show or movie! Media is a great source of inspiration, especially fantasy and science fiction content. It’s difficult to create an entire world or character without some sort of inspiration, so I would highly recommend watching something new to see what you come up with!

Books: This is a similar answer to the previous one because I read books for different types of inspiration as well! Books have more writing inspiration though because I can learn different forms of writing and try them out through inspired pieces. I also learn from poorly written books about things that don’t work well. For example, obvious plot holes, dislikable characters, and choppy pacing help me edit my own works to improve them and prevent these issues. I don’t read as much as I wish I did, but I’m making an effort to read more. 

Writing Prompts: I included this one because from time to time I do use writing prompts for short pieces for my blog, but I often find them somewhat restricting because their specificness doesn’t allow for much wiggle room. Of course they’re only for inspiration and there’s no requirement to follow them exactly, but something in my mind still finds them a bit restricting!

Environment: Where one chooses to write has a large effect on how well they write! For me, I enjoy writing from the comfort of my own home or at a quiet place with some tea. I also enjoy writing when it’s overcast and/or rainy. Sunny days and blue skies depress me and cause me to feel lethargic, but when the sun isn’t anywhere to be seen I feel wonderful and motivated to write!

I realize those things may not be “everything” you can think of, but there are so many things in life, both big and small, that inspire me and other writers it would be impossible to lift everything! I chose those things to list to help me better answer the question and hopefully share some inspiration with you. 

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