My Favorite Marvel Characters

With Marvel making a huge comeback after 2020, I decided to share my favorite Marvel characters and why I like them because everyone is currently discussing their favorite characters. Now, these characters are both from the MCU, Sony movies, Fox movies, and the comics, and I will specify which one I am thinking of as some of the representations in the films do not match the character in the comics. While they are being presented in a bullet-point list format, they are not in order of favoritism because I rotate favorites depending on the week or which movie I’ve seen most recently. 

  • James “Bucky” Barnes, The Winter Soldier: For Bucky I am thinking of the MCU version of the character, as I do not know the comic book character as well. Bucky is a fascinating character to me with everything he has been through, and of course I’m biased towards him because I find Sebastian Stan attractive. Bucky is a really strong character to write, care about, and develop. His portrayal in the MCU has gotten better thanks to the Falcon and Winter Soldier, and I plan to read some comics featuring him to learn more about the character. His metal arm also adds an interesting aspect to his character and personality. Overall, a strong character with an interesting and complicated story. 
  • Loki Laufeyson/Odinson, The God of Mischief and Lies: For Loki I am mainly thinking about the MCU version because of my fondness for Tom Hiddleston, but I do have a strong appreciation for the comic book version of the character as well. Loki has an interesting backstory and journey in both the comics and the MCU. He’s a powerful sorcerer, god, and individual who is capable of more than they show. While it did take the MCU a hot minute to show us the Loki we already knew he was, they did finally do it and I love that we get to see him be more himself. Overall, a great character with a lot of room to grow. 
  • Doctor Stephen Strange, Sorcerer Supreme: For Doctor Strange I am thinking of the MCU version specifically, but this portrayal has gotten me interested in the comics version and I have been doing some reading about him. While an egotistical character, he comes a long way from his time as a hugely successful doctor to becoming a sorcerer to eventually, I believe, Sorcerer Supreme. He is a witty and clever individual who is a challenge to write but fun to put in different situations. Overall, a strong character and a solid choice for a favorite. 
  • Erik Lensherr/Magnus, Magneto: For Magneto I’m thinking of all versions of him, because I have enjoyed his character in the movies, the animated shows, and the comics. While his methods may be questionable at times, all Magneto wants is for mutants to be able to live without judgement, criticism, or violence against them. He is one of the strongest characters in Marvel, both by his abilities and as a written character, and is also a father of two well known mutants, Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch. He cares deeply for his best and oldest friend, Charles, and is fun to write because it gives me a view into his thought process. Overall, a top favorite of mine and an excellent character. 
  • Remy LeBeau, Gambit: For Gambit I’m somewhat thinking of the comic book version and somewhat thinking of the version from the animated shows. I don’t know much about the character or his backstory, but I love his personality and confidence. I’m interested to learn more about his story and give writing his character a shot. I have him listed as a favorite character because I have loved everything I’ve seen him in and am seeking out more material with him featured. Overall, a good choice of a character to look into. 
  • Anna Marie LeBeau, Rouge: For Rogue I’m thinking of the comics and animated versions from the shows. Her representation in the films wasn’t bad, but she wasn’t as strong as she could’ve been. I like this character because she struggles the most with her abilities and who she wants to be. It is easy to empathise with her and want to see her be happy. Part of the reason I like her character so much is because of her romance with Gambit. They are an incredible couple and she helps him grow and develop as an individual. Overall, she’s a great character and the only female favorite I seem to have.
  • Venom: For Venom I am thinking of every version of the symbiote except the trainwreck from Spider-Man 3. I have separated Eddie Brock from Venom because Venom is an individual character who has several hosts in the comics. He has his own personality, thoughts, and goals, but he also changes somewhat depending on who hosts him. He can either take them over, amplify who they are, or be amplified by them. He’s a great character to read about, write about, and overall observe as a favorite character.  In general, I have a strong appreciation for all the symbiotes, but Venom is by far my favorite.  
  • James ‘Logan’ Howlett, Wolverine: For Wolverine I am referring to all versions of him because no matter how he is portrayed, Wolverine is Wolverine. He is an extremely dynamic and complex character whose past often comes into play during his time with the X-Men. He struggles with the things he’s done, doesn’t necessarily see himself as a leader, and often goes off on his own to handle things when his past comes into play. He has been part of most heroic groups in the comics as well, as he is an excellent addition to any team. He’s a constant in the world of X-Men, a well-known character, and a strong character to include in a list of favorites. 
  • Victor Von Doom, Doctor Doom: Doom is a rather new interest of mine, so I’m just generally referring to the character as I don’t know too much about him yet. My interest in Doom sparked when someone said that his portrayal in the Fantastic Four films did not live up to his character at all. Curious, and having seen him in some of the animated shows, I began to read about the character’s abilities and story. He’s an absolutely fascinating character and one of the best villains, so I see why his character in the films fell short. While I still have much to learn about him, having him in my favorite character list is a great choice. 
  • Wade Wilson, Deadpool: For Deadpool I am referring to all versions of the character EXCEPT whatever happened in the Wolverine Origins film. Deadpool is one of the best characters of all time, especially in Marvel comics. His breaking of the fourth wall in everything allows much more room for humor from the character and creates a connection with the reader/audience. Of course he is much more than a comic relief, but his pains and struggles aren’t shown as much because his character often brings things back to a joke to alleviate his pains. I think he’s an obvious choice for a favorite and every comic book fan can appreciate his character. 

It would seem the majority of my favorite characters are based on attraction, which isn’t a bad way to pick a favorite! That may be why the majority of them are male. They also tend to be the most broken of characters, having gone through traumatic events in their lives that greatly affect who they are today. 

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