The Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes Review

My blog is turning into a review blog now apparently. This week is another Avengers show and I’m excited to see which characters are featured in this show as Avengers. I’m also excited to see the villains featured because I’ve found that the animated villains shoot for the moon more often then the ones in the movies, which makes for more interesting episodes. This show has two seasons, has 26 episodes per season, and aired from 2010-2012.

The intro to the show was a bit dramatic with a rock song about saving the world and never giving up. It felt a bit silly to be watching, and that’s coming from someone who watched a lot of 80’s and 90’s animated Marvel shows. The animation has reached a point where it’s easier to watch, but something about how wide or angled their faces were animated was a bit odd. Some of the characters were either exaggerated to be quite large (for example Thor was WAY too broad shouldered) or their faces were just peculiar to look at. Also Iron Man’s robot eyes could squint, which was funny to watch. 

Season 1: The absolute chaos that caused in the first two episodes was rather surprising. In fact, the entire season was scattered chaos that was confusing at times. The episodes were poorly connected, so it was difficult to follow along with what was happening to who and why. They also included various ‘in the past’ scenes without clearly defining what was the past and the present, which caused a lot of confusion for the audience. This impeded character development and relationships, especially between Hank and Jan because there’s no definitive time-line for these events and the progress of their relationship. Also, there are too many plots and subplots going on at once. If it had just been them hunting and capturing the villains who had escaped with one subplot that led to a huge climax, it would’ve been plausible. However, it was barely them tracking down the villains with an endless amount of subplots going on that came to fruition too closely together for it to be enjoyable. Shows like these should have ‘buffer’ episodes for the viewer to take a pause from the chaos for a moment and just enjoy their favorite characters. The season came to a climax with Loki’s evil plot coming to fruition, but immediately jumped to another subplot the second that was over. Ending a season on a cliff-hanger is one thing, but having endless amounts of subplots going on is too much. I’m hoping that season two finds itself a bit better and is easier to follow along with.

Season 2: They changed the intro for this season and somehow made it worse with Nick Fury narrating but they still throw in the song from the first one at the end of it; it feels very disconnected. The season did connect the ending of season one through references and explanations as to where they all went afterwards. The first half was focused on building up to the climax of the Skrull invasion, which I’m glad didn’t take up the entire season because it became tedious after a while. Instead of communicating, everyone would just show up with something to say but never say it! It was infuriating to watch them be so close to figuring everything out but not because they’re too stubborn to just share what they know or share why they went somewhere in the first place! The rest of the season included a few plot points but nothing seemed to take the main focus. I liked this better because I was able to pay more attention to the characters instead of being buried in the plot. However, some of the directions they took with individual characters was stupid, specifically Hank as Yellow Jacket. I really think the show would’ve been better if they stuck to newer comic story lines and backgrounds instead of clinging to outdated character arcs and information. The season ended somewhat ok, but it left a big plot point open that was possibly going to be addressed in season 3. However, there is no season three! The show ended (or was cancelled I should say), and replaced with a far better Avengers show which I will review soon! 

The show seemed to be basing more of their information (character designs, story lines, etc.) on the classic comics rather than the new ones. I found this odd because the MCU was getting going during this time so I would’ve expected an Avengers animated show to refer to the newer comics rather than the old ones. I don’t even know if half of the characters they used are still present in the comics today or not, given I couldn’t name a good chunk of the minor league villains. The inclusion of so many characters did cause confusion while watching, but it was cool to have revelations about who someone was or learning little facts about them (for example, I never realized Whirlwind was a mutant!). I’m not sure I would recommend this show though unless you have a vast knowledge on practically every villain, from great to small, that the Avengers came across. Also, there was too much going on at once for a viewer to enjoy, follow along with, or jump in at a random episode. Season two was a bit more honed in, but was still not as enjoyable as I had hoped. 

The main characters of this show were Iron Man (Tony Stark), Hulk (Bruce Banner), Captain America (Steve Rogers), Ant-Man (Hank Pym), Wasp (Janet Van Dyne), Black Panther (T’Challa), Hawkeye (Clint Barton), and Thor. I can’t say I had a favorite character because everyone did something stupid at one point, and it’s hard to get behind someone when they’re frustrating you as a viewer. My least favorite character was by far Maria Hill. She was an absolute fucking bitch the entire time who didn’t use logic once in regards to the Avengers or when she was acting director. Everytime she came on screen I found myself getting angry with the bullshit coming out of her mouth and I wished someone would just punch her in the face. That’s how bad she was. 

There were also a shitton of other Marvel characters featured, some briefly and some made recurring appearances. Somewhat in order of appearance they were JARVIS, Lucia Von Bardas, Balder the Brave, Jane Foster, Jimmy Woo, Mad Thinker, Whirlwind, Zzzax, Black Widow, Hawkeye, Nick Fury, Pepper Potts, Whiplash, Crimson Dynamo, Baron Zemo, The Leader, Abomination, Absorbing Man, Maria Hill, Gravitation, Rhodey, MODOK, Baron Wolfgang Von Strucker, Reaper, Viper, Thunderball, Loki, Heimdall, Odin, Sif, Enchantress, General Ross, Kang the Conqueror, Wolverine, Bucky, Princess Ravonna, Armin Zola, Ulysses Klaw, T’Chaka, M’Baku, Mandrill, Ultron, Dr. Leonard Sampson, Vapor, Vector, Carol Danvers, Mar Vel, Yon Rogg, Mockingbird, Fantastic Four, Blizzard, Radioactive Man, Malekith, Serpent Society, Karnilla, Chemistro, Grey Gargoyle, Living Laser, Wonder Man, Volstagg, Hela, Fenris, Fandral, Doctor Doom, Technovore, War Machine, Ronan the Accuser, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, Scott Lang, Michael Korvac, Groot, Rocket, Star-Lord, Adam Warlock, Quasar, Quake, Beta Ray Bill, Surtur, Falcon, Galactus, Super Skrill, J. Jonah Jameson, Spider-Man, Vision, Annihilus, Yellow Jacket, Purple Man, Supremo the Supreme Intelligence, Terraz, and the Destroyer. 

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