My Favorite DC Characters

Since I made a post about my favorite Marvel characters I felt I should make one about my favorite DC characters as well. Now I don’t know DC as well, but I have been consuming more DC content lately and do have a few favorite characters or characters I would like to learn about! I will specify if I like the version of the character in a movie or show, but for DC I am generally discussing the comic version of the characters since that is where I have most of my knowledge from. While they are being presented in a list format, they are not in order of favoritism because I rotate favorites depending on the week.

  • Dr. Harleen Quinzel, Harley Quinn: For Harley I am referring to all versions of her because she is great in everything. I have always had a fondness for her character because of how eccentric and interesting she is. I don’t recall the first thing I saw her in, but I have been dressing up as her for about 5 or 6 years now. As I grew curious about her I began to learn more about her and her life, and her abusive relationship with Joker. The more I learned the more I loved her, and somewhat related having been through an abusive relationship myself. I also developed a hatred for Joker because there is no excuse for what he’s done to her. The first time I saw her in a live-action film I was thrilled and have loved seeing her in the movies since. She is always truly herself, has fallen in love with a wonderful woman, Poison Ivy, and has such a fun bubbly personality. She’s a great choice as a favorite character and a great costume choice, couples costume with Ivy only!

As I stared at this page for a while I realized my lack of knowledge in DC has made it so Harley Quinn is the only true favorite character I have. I did list other characters but deleted them all because I couldn’t justifiably say they were a favorite. I am interested in them or enjoy consuming their content, but they still don’t make the favorite list. Perhaps as I consume more DC content I will develop more favorites, but for now I sit happily at one.

Here are some photos of her from comics, video games, and movies:

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