Venom Review

Now this is a good fucking movie. At first when this movie was coming out I was skeptical of it being rated PG-13 instead of R because I felt Venom as a character would thrive better in an R environment. However, I had a blast watching it because the humor was really good, Eddie was a relatable chaotic mess, and Venom is the friend we all need. I have watched it several times since it came out and always recommend it to those who haven’t seen it, which may be you! I’m glad they made this movie and are continuing the Symbiote universe with Venom: Let There Be Carnage. I am reviewing this now because Venom has been integrated into the MCU, and I am adding those films to my ranking list so I needed a review to go along with it!

I’m going to start with cool things about the characters I noticed. Throughout the movie Eddie’s life is seemingly falling apart; he lost Anne, he lost his job, and his name has been ruined in the journalistic world. However, Eddie is still kind to people and doesn’t let his shitty life affect how he treats others. I think that’s a nice touch for his character. He also doesn’t have the traditional superhero glow-up that we see in every movie; he stays a chaotic, sweaty, scared mess who acknowledges his feelings and reacts to each situation how a normal person would. Eddie also uses ‘we’ really quickly with Venom once he realizes he’s not alone in his body and starts communicating with him easily, which is cute. Then Venom says “I am Venom, and you are mine,” which is what makes this movie a romcom. Also Eddie says Parasite is a term of endearment. Dan, Anne’s new Doctor boyfriend, is a really great character because he trusts Anne and isn’t jealous of her desire to help Eddie. Instead, he tries to help Eddie determine what is living inside him. 

Throughout the film there were a lot of things I noticed as a Marvel nerd, and I wanted to discuss them. The pilot that Riot uses as a host at the start of the film is named Jameson and it made me wonder, is this a reference to J. Jonah Jameson’s son who is a NASA pilot? Out of the four symbiotes that came from the ship, only Venom and Riot were named. Based on the colors the other two may have been Scream and Toxin or Agony, but they were killed so it may just have been a creative color choice. Riot’s jumping from person to person shows that the symbiotes don’t know how to take care of their human hosts unless the match is symbiotic. Also, the other test subject that was hosting one still died because humans don’t provide the nutrients needed for a symbiote to survive, but the Life Foundation didn’t know that. Riot absorbs Venom at one point which is something Carnage does in the comics a lot to the others, so it was cool to see. Stan Lee makes a cameo in this movie, which was really nice to see, and the end credit scene is the introduction to Cletus Cassidy, the serial killer who hosts Carnage. 

A few other things in the movie that aren’t really related to the movie. San Fransisco streets are fucking insane, like how to people walk up and down them? They’re all steep hills, my god! Also, the Life Foundation really be out here ramming drones into things to create blue explosions with no regard to anything. 

Overall, this movie is really great because it’s funny, has strong character development, and some cool comic references/acknowledgements. I really want to recommend it again if you haven’t seen it, because the second one is even better! I’m super excited to see where Venom’s story goes and I would absolutely LOVE to see Scream, Agony, and Lasher at some point in the universe! Venom: Let There be Carnage review will come out in the new year! 

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