X-Men 1992 Review

This is the first show that has seasons! A quick note, everything I’m watching is on Disney Plus so if I’ve skipped a show you know of don’t worry, I’ll find it elsewhere eventually. This show ran from 1992-1996 and has 5 seasons, the last of which is fairly short. I will be doing this review by season, and sharing some general thoughts at the end! 

Season 1: This season has 13 episodes in total and jumped right into the action in episode one. While it took a few episodes to get going, the seasons really picks up the pace as each episode goes along and keeps the watcher interested! There are so many recognizable characters and, for the most part, their traits/personalities are on point. The season ended in a way that made sense, but left things open for another season which I like. My only complaint is that most episodes ended with “To Be Continued” and started with long recaps. I’m excited to see where season two goes and I would love to see Gambit and Rouge find a way to get together! 

Season 2: This season has 13 episodes, like the first, which means the show was good enough to be continued but not at the point where it could be amped up. There are a few origin stories in this season, but I can’t compare them to the comics necessarily as I don’t know if they’re drawing from Marvel before or after it was revamped. I did do so research on the characters as the season went along though to have a better idea of who they are. Again had to deal with the “To Be Continued” bullshit but ya know, it is a clever way to keep me watching! And guess what? GAMBIT TOLD ROGUE HE LOVED HER FUCK YES!! Now, that was the end of the season so I really fucking hope they actually get together now or else I might perish. But damn I am invested in this show which means it’s a pretty good show! If you can get past them basically wearing underwear over their suits, I would highly recommend it. The season ended well, looking forward to the next one!

Season 3: This season has 19 episodes which is great! Episode growth in seasons means the show was doing well and they had more room for adventures and such. One thing I’ve learned is that Wolverine gets around, as he seems to continue to have exs who pop up to cause him problems. He also goes off on his own for a bit to refind himself. This season had a lot going on, including the Dark Phoenix collection which is where they got that horrid movie from, I believe. I didn’t get much in the way of closure with Gambit and Rogue, but they continue to flirt and Gambit still seems to be interested in her so I hope it continues to develop. This honestly is a good show, I really enjoyed watching it and I liked how this season was longer so they could include more chaos and such! I did get confused about Jean though, they were fairly inconsistent on what happened to her and probably should’ve worked that out a bit better. The season ended well, still waiting for Gambit and Rogue to date though. 

Season 4: This season has 25 episodes and this is the longest season! Clearly this was the peak of the X-Men show and I’m sure the comics were doing well as this show was airing. There seems to be a discrepancy though right away though because we meet Nightcrawler and Wolverine doesn’t know him, but in a previous episode he did. They even showed the moment Logan remembered in a previous episode, so that was a bit confusing. I’m wondering if maybe the episodes are out of order on Disney. As I continued this season I did come to the conclusion that the episodes were out of order, but unsure why. I like that Apocalypse is (supposedly) dead finally because enemies who can’t die are kinda pointless. Also they had a whole episode about Magneto being father of the twins so yay! I did end up skipping the episodes with that creepy green blob named Mojo because he was too disgusting to watch. The season ended in a logical way, though who knows if that was the correct episode to end with. I hope the next season doesn’t leave me with too many questions! 

Season 5: This season has 6 episodes which, as far as I can tell, was due to budget issues and high expectations for animation that could not be met. I can definitely tell a difference in the animation which I assumed was meant to improve it but it looks kinda odd after watching all the previous seasons. I also think they changed Gambit’s voice actor cause it don’t sound right. I did actually skip the first episode because it focused around Jubilee and I don’t really like her character, though she is definitely older and has longer hair (which looks way better). I will say I’m tired of this Apocalypse bullshit. A villain who cannot really die is not a good villain and makes it difficult for a viewer to enjoy a show or movie if they know the hero really can’t win. I skipped the 4th episode as well cause I had no clue what was going on there. This season seems to just be doing whatever without logic. I like how they managed to end the season in a way that wrapped up the entire show, and damn is Magneto gay for Charles. Jean asked him how much he loved Charles and he got SO offended that she doubted his love for Charles. We ship a the gay X-men in this house!

This show had the best intro so far. It was upbeat, dramatic, interesting, and drew in the attention of the audience right away! The show itself got better as time went on, to the point where I was binging it hard because I kept wanting to know what was going to happen next! However, some of the episodes were clearly out of order and I’m not sure why, but there are some obvious mixups. It still had it’s funny/ridiculous moments of course, but nowhere near as many as the Spider-Man shows did. One thing I wish I could’ve done is skip the recaps alongside the intro, because the recaps were like a full minute and when binging recaps are not necessary! 

A few fun facts and thoughts about the characters. Storm has to dramatically announce everything she does. Scott’s kinda a dumbass and I didn’t really like him in this show, same goes for Jean. Logon is great but damn does he get around! Jubilee was kinda annoying but she wasn’t a huge feature in the show thankfully. Prof X had stupid eyebrows and voice, but his kinda lowkey gay relationship with Magento was funny. Rouge and Gambit were my favorites for sure, with their large personalities and their accents. I also loved their relationship development. 

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