About Me

Hello! My name is Alex. I’m a Creative Writer who loves sharing her thoughts and craft with others. This is a personal blog where I post content I enjoy creating.


I’m a 23 year old Texan girl (she/her) with an endless passion for writing. I graduated from the University of Arizona with a BA in Creative Writing and am currently searching for a job in my field. I primarily write science fiction and fantasy, but do contribute my fair share of romantic fanfiction to my endless amount of fandoms. I spend most of my free time working on my writing and this blog. I also am a beta reader for works of fiction and nonfiction. Below are my prices and I can be reached on Twitter @SeleneLaufey.

Beta Reading Prices

  • Flash Fiction $2 (under 1,000 words)
  • Short Stories $5 (1,000-7,000 words)
  • Short Stories $10 (7,000-10,000 words)
  • Chapbooks $10 (any length)
  • Novella $15-$20 (10,000-40,000 words)
  • Short Novel $25 (40,000-100,000 words)
  • Long Novel $30 (over 100,000 words)
    *Chapter by chapter overview is an extra $7
    *Extra commentary is $5

My Publications

“Earth 3032” On May 15, 2020 this short science fiction piece was published in Collective Realms Magazine. Humanity went extinct long ago and now Earth is a tourist destination for alien races. However, one human remans in a cryogenic chamber and is awoken by a peculiar group of aliens with different motives.

My Podcast

I enjoy listening to podcasts because there is something relaxing about listening to people chat about various topics. I used to wonder what I would talk about on a podcast, given that I have opinions/thoughts on everything like Leslie Knope. One day I came across an app that made it easy for anyone to start up their own podcast, so I went for it! I titled it Podcasting Until Ragnarok, so it would match my blog, and started by reading some of my short works of fiction. I used my time at home during COVID to work on expanding the episodes and continue to discuss whatever is on my mind that week! My podcast can be found here: https://anchor.fm/selene0 or wherever you listen to your podcasts.

My Fanfiction

Fanfiction is the main way I practice my writing skills. I have an endless amount of ideas and write for a large variety of fandoms. I like writing fanfiction because it allows me to be creative while forcing me to work inside the already set limitations of the universe. I have to follow the rules that are laid out and ensure the characters I use maintain their key characteristics. While I often use preexisting characters, I enjoy creating my own characters within the parameters of the universe who romance the character(s) of my choice. If you’d like to see my works, here is my Archive of Our Own account.

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