About Me


My name is Alex Hulslander and I run this blog! I started this blog back in 2019 as a place to share some of my writing and it has evolved into a creative platform for me to share a large variety of content. Currently, I have no posting schedule but am still actively posting on here! A few fun things about me: I’m a writer with multiple published works (listed below), a small content creator (links to the left), and I’m a pug mom (Insta linked).

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Published Works

Earth 3032: “Humanity went extinct long ago and now Earth is a tourist destination for alien races. However, one human remains in a cryogenic chamber and is awoken by a peculiar group of aliens with different motives.” A short science fiction story I wrote that has returned after it was taken away from publication because the EIC of the group decided to completely shut it down and remove everyone’s publications without warning or consent of the authors. Read it here, but don’t support the group.

World of Words articles. While interning at the incredible library of World of Words, found in the Education building at the UofA in Tucson, AZ, I wrote several articles that were published on the website. I also copyedited other articles published during that time and learned about SEO. There are two press releases and an interview I conducted with author David Bowles that can be found here.

My Fanfiction

Fanfiction is the main way I practice my writing skills. I like writing fanfiction because it allows me to be creative while forcing me to work inside the already set limitations of the universe. While I often use preexisting characters, I enjoy creating my own characters within the parameters of the universe who romance the character(s) of my choice. Here is my Archive of Our Own account.

My Podcast

I ran a podcast titled “Podcasting Until Ragnarok,” where I discussed various topics and read some of my works. I began it during COVID and it is currently on permanent hiatus. Previous episodes can be found here on Anchor or wherever you listen to your podcasts.

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