Spider-Man: Homecoming Review

Alright so unfortunately because Marvel/Disney and Sony can’t get along, I have no feasible way to watch this film. It’s not on Disney+ nor anywhere else unless I pay, and my DVD version is currently buried in a storage unit. So instead this blog post will somewhat discuss the film based on my memory of it and what I know about his future in the MCU. Apologizes for this blip! 

This film came out in 2017 and was a lot of fun to see because it felt like the most accurate version of Peter Parker so far. The Toby Maguire films were rough and you know it, and the Andrew Garfield films had a lot of potential but unfortunately fell short. Now, we have an incredible Spider-Man with Tom Holland! I really enjoyed this film, and love how Tony is seen as somewhat of a father figure to Peter. It felt fairly different from the other films, even though it had much stronger tie-ins than others.

Overall, I remember enjoying this film because it felt lighter than some of the other Marvel films. The inclusion of Tony Stark was also one of the reasons I really enjoyed this film since he’s such a great character and is now a father-figure to Peter. While this film did have several serious moments, the tone of it still remained light and somewhat relatable. We all remember being a teenager and trying to figure out who we were while juggling school, friends, and potentially other activities. Of course, Peter has superhero duties to juggle as well, but his struggle is still a familiar one. His decision in the end to continue looking out for the little guy instead of becoming an Avenger was a good decision, and we saw his growth throughout the film that led to this decision. While he still may not be fully sure who he is, he knows now that he still has a way to go before he can become an Avenger. He has to finish high school at the very least! His journey continues in the next film, which hopefully by the time I get to it, I can watch. 

I still did research about the easter-eggs, so here we go! There are a few noteworthy characters in Peter’s life. First is Flash Thompson, a notable bully of Peter’s yet a huge fan of Spider-man. In the comics at some point, he hosts the Venom symbiote. Second, Michelle, or MJ, whose character is a tribute to Mary Jane in the comics, but not intended to replicate the character. Third, Aaron Davis, played by Donald Glover, makes an appearance and he is the uncle of Miles Morales, who later becomes Spider-man. Finally, Pepper Potts makes an appearance signifying that her and Tony are back together. It is implied that he proposes to her, and in the next Avengers film we learn they are engaged. Of course Stan Lee makes his normal cameo, and it’s nice to know he’s back on Earth! He’s yelling at Peter from out a window, distrubed by the noise Spider-Man made. 

As for the future of Spider-Man in the MCU, it’s been a rocky road. He was in Infinity War and Endgame, then had his second film, and is currently filming the third. However, Tom Holland had to fight to get the third because Sony pulled him from the MCU due to money negotiations. Hopefully Marvel regains full rights to Spider-Man so that they may continue including him in the films. There have been talks about incorporating Venom into Spider-Man’s films, but for now it’s only speculation. As for other films, Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse is currently working on their next film, and I would highly recommend watching the first one if you haven’t! Disney+ also has a variety of Spider-Man animated shows if you’re interested in checking them out. 

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