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Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H. Review

I’m looking forward to this show because I used to watch it in high school alongside Ultimate Spider-Man and Avengers Assembled, which I will review next. I know I haven’t seen every single episode, but I’m sure I’ve seen a good chunk of them since there’s only 2 seasons. Watching it all and in order will be fun and we’ll see how much of it I actually remember, and how much ties into the other two shows. This show aired from 2013-2014 and had 26 episodes per season.

Season 1: After watching the Ultimate Spider-Man I have to say I was fairly disappointed in the quality of this show in comparison. The season started hard and fast, with no clear pacing until about half-way through the season. The plot created confusion throughout as some episodes were following a clear order and plot while others were not. Regardless of the intended audience, a show should have a clear storyline and order. The ending especially created confusion as the Hulks were lost in space, but then they had Christmas dinner with the Guardians back at the diner in Vista Verde. The show did have unique aspects to it and featured characters and plots I enjoyed throughout. It was filmed like a mockumentary/vlog, where each character would share their feelings on what was happening, they’d be filmed at all times with the cameras following them around, and Hulk ending each episode with “Hulk Out.” Stan Lee was the mayor of the town, which is funny because he’s also a janitor at Peter’s high school at the same time! A few smaller points of interest in the season were that they have a pet T-Rex called Devil, there are a lot of True Believers references, and Deathlok (who I’m pretty sure was meant to be Cable) appeared. Lilandra, Queen of the Shi’ar, made an appearance in the end and if you’ll remember from my Classic X-Men series review she was Xavier’s mental lover who took him away to space to live in the show’s wrap-up. There was an episode that featured Impossible Man who I hate with a burning passion, so I skipped that episode entirely because I’m not putting myself through that. Spider-Man made several appearances and somewhat explained the interaction with the Collector from his show, but it’s a huge flaw to have such an important plot point spread between several shows and expecting the audience to be keeping up with both shows to understand important plot points. He did take off his mask at one point but they blurred out his face which doesn’t make sense since they’re clearly expecting the audience to be watching both shows at the same time. They also joked about how Venom is actually created in the comics vs how he was created in this show which was nice! The shows seem to be fairly hyper-aware of their differences from the comics. Overall, this season could’ve been strong and the best episodes were the ones that featured other characters. 

Season 2: This season continues the lost in space plot-line but it also continues to be fairly muddled. There are a few episodes where they’re back on Earth before they’ve actually returned to Earth, then they have an entire episode that brings them back to Earth. I checked online to confirm this is the correct episode order, and it is, which means the show wasn’t planned out well. The show does continue in the mockumentary/vlog style, but this time A-Bomb breaks the fourth wall towards the actual audience instead of his fake audience, as he references “season one” a few times and notes a few other things that would only stand out to us as the audience. The vlogs continue to end with “Hulk Out” as well, so at least there is consistency. This season introduced less new characters and focused on old enemies with vendettas, which is good for plot development. However, I would hardly consider the Wrecking Crew to be a serious threat or count them as legitimate super villains. As some other characters were featured in the season, there are some things I want to share about them. Bruce Banner was featured briefly and he’s super tedious, so it’s a good thing they didn’t keep him around for long. In the episode featuring the Super Apes, Red Hulk stole a line from Planet of the Apes: “Take your stinking paws off me you damn dirty ape!” except he said darn instead of damn because it’s still a kids show. One episode featured Hercules and I wanted to share this fun fact from the comics: Hercules and Wolverine are lovers in one plot-line. The “days of future SMASH” story-line had some issues as well because either the future should be constantly changing as Hulk travels through time, or not changing at all. It was difficult to follow along with the present and the past, it would’ve been beneficial for it to only focus on the past. I actually started skipping the parts that showed the present because it didn’t make sense. Thankfully the show didn’t end with that storyline and had a few episodes after with some decent plot-lines and a strong ending.

Overall: This show I would recommend as more of a background show instead of watching with dedications. It still has good qualities and episodes worth watching, but it’s not as strong as it could have been and struggles in the first half of the first season. The pacing is a bit all over the place and the plot lines are not well-thought out in order of presentation. At least none of the stories rely on the audience having watched the other shows to know what’s happening, like the Collector confusion is the Spider-Man show. And, even though the show overlaps with the others, some of the character designs are different which doesn’t make much sense. They also don’t necessarily need to introduce characters everytime they appear if they’ve been introduced before because, as mentioned before, they seem to be expecting audiences to be watching everything consistently. The Leader is a bit tedious as well because he talks a big talk for someone who can’t seem to successfully accomplish anything. There is one aspect to the show that I think stood out: Jen gives really good advice for all viewers to apply to their life. If you don’t watch the show, it’s worth it to look up some of her quotes and see if any of them inspire you!

There were also a lot of other Marvel characters featured, some briefly and some made recurring appearances. In order of appearance they were J. Jonah Jameson, Annihilus, The Leader, Blastaar, Iron Man, Spider-Man, The Thing, The Collector, Donald Duck, Ego, Sauron, Batroc the Leaper, Thor, Laufey, Ymir, the Moloids, Mole Man, Wolverine, the Wendigo King, The Wrecking Crew, Doc Sampson, Doctor Doom, Venom, Doctor Octopus, Terrax, Galactus, Fury, The Watcher, Abomination, Impossible Man (HATE HIM), Hogun, Fandral, Volstagg, Malekith, Heimdall, Loki, Doctor Strange, Dormammu, Deathlok, Super-Skrull, Crystal, Triton, Lockjaw, Medusa, Karnak, Black Bolt, Maximus, Gorgon, Arkon the hunter, Invisible Woman, Human Torch, Mr. Fantastic, Captain America, Korg, Meik, Rocket, Gamora, Drax, Groot, Starlord, Lilandra Queen of the Shi-ar, The Supreme Intelligence, Ronan the Accuser, Firelord, Frankenstein’s Monster, The Living Mummy, Blade, Man Thing, Werewolf by Night, Silver Surfer, Null, High Evolutionary, Druffs, Xemnu, Grey Hulk, Super Apes, Red Ghost, Hercules, Pluto, Charon, Betty Ross, Bruce Banner, The Mekkens, Mainframe, Odin, Dracula, Red Skull, and Ghost Rider. 

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Eternals Review

Within the Marvel Universe the Eternals are not as well-known nor are they that popular. Their stories have always felt somewhat discombobulated and distant from the main story lines in the comics. However, this did leave the film a lot of “wiggle-room” to play with the representations of the characters, and so they did. Unfortunately, the critics had a lot of negative things to say about the film and audiences still didn’t have as positive a reaction as other MCU films have gotten. I firmly believe that we should create our own opinions of movies instead of relying on the word of others and watch things that catch our interest. If you haven’t seen the film and have interest in doing so, you probably should before reading this review as it does contain spoilers! 

Plot: The film’s plot was fairly straightforward but it did travel across the world throughout time, each time and location playing an important role in the main plot. The times and locations in order were: 5000 BC Mesopotamia; Present Day London; 575 BC Banylon; 400 AD Gupta Empire: Present Day South Dakota; 1521 AD Tenochtitlan; Present Day Mumbai; Australia; Amazon; 1956 Hiroshima; Present Day Chicago; Iraq; and Alaska. There were not many subplots though, and only one did not tie directly into the main story. This took away from the depth of the movie because there wasn’t much going on aside from them trying to find a way to stop a Celestial from being born and facing hurdles that fit into the plot perfectly. The subplot of Dane Whitman (Kit Harrington) almost becoming the Black Knight, however, stood out as more interesting and unique. It is something fans have been talking about more since the Black Knight is an extremely interesting and better known character. The introduction of Pip and Eros at the end also stood out because they opened up the characters to more interesting adventures across the galaxy. I did not see any glaring plot holes in the film and everything seemed explainable/understandable to some extent. 

Character Development: In a film that introduces a large group of characters, it is difficult to have any significant development for each individual. There were distinguished characteristics for everyone and as the film jumped through time changes could be seen with them, but they were still fairly small changes. Many of the character choices made sense, especially towards the end of the film, while others felt a bit forced. Ikaris (Richard Madden) and Sprite (Lia McHugh) were two characters I struggled with towards the end because their decisions were not really based in anything, and they changed their minds too often for it to be believable. Other characters, such as Druig (Barry Keoghan), Makkari (Lauren Ridloff), and Phastos (Brian Tyree Henry), had stronger development as their decisions could be understood and were based on the struggles they’ve faced. The rest of the characters, Ajax (Salma Hayek), Sersi (Gemma Chan), Thena (Angelina Jolie), and Gilgamesh (Don Lee), stayed fairly consistent throughout the film and were easy to understand. By the end of the film only some of the original characters (Thena, Sersi, Phastos, Druig, Makkari, and somewhat Sprite) remained so their development should be more focused moving forward with their MCU journey. Sprite is now human though so she may not be in the future films for more than a few minutes, assuming she’s in them at all. This was most likely done to avoid the issue of the actress aging out of her character’s looks. 

Points of Interest: This film was full of cool references from comic books of all kinds, references to other MCU films/characters, and greatly expanded the MCU on a universal level. The intro to the film reminded me of the Star Wars intros, where a chunk of text provided information for the audience to understand what was going on. Several references were made about Ikaris essentially being Superman, which was an obvious jab at WB Studios for wasting opportunities to develop good story lines with characters people clearly love. Dane Whitman (or Don Snow as we call him, see explanation below) was introduced as a love interest for Sersi and his larger role as the Black Knight was foreshadowed as he nearly took hold of the Ebony Blade, only to be stopped by the MCU’s version of Blade (Mahershala Ali). The bracelets made to create the Uni-Mind have a strong similarity to the Ten Rings, which brings into question the rings origins and their possible connection to the Eternals. Eros/Starfox (Harry Styles) and Pip (Patton Oswalt) were introduced in a way that strongly connected the events of other MCU films as Eros is stated to be the brother of Thanos and Royal Prince of Titan.

Overall: As I mentioned before I do understand why this film did not do as well as other MCU films and why certain fans struggled with it. While the Eternals are not as popular, those who know them were not thrilled to see so many changes with the characters in the film. However, I would argue that because the characters are not as well-known it is good to change them to include more diversity and see characters representing life in the world today. The plot was fairly straightforward and the characters didn’t change too much in the film, so the movie itself was pretty simple compared to other MCU films. I did enjoy the film and I would watch it again, but it is not at the top of my list for MCU movies I throw on for fun. 

Don Snow: I went to see Eternals with a friend of mine and neither of us could remember what Dane Whitman’s name was. I recognized him as John Snow from Game of Thrones (despite the fact that I’ve never actually seen the show) but we were pretty sure his name started with a “D” in this film. So, I said Don Snow and now he will forever be known to us as Don Snow. 

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Ultimate Spider-Man Review

I’m really excited for this show because I actually used to watch it in high school and always enjoyed it. I don’t think I’ve seen every single episode, but I’m sure I’ve seen a good chunk of them. Watching it all and in order will be good and we’ll see how much of it I actually remember. This show has four seasons, 26 episodes per season, and aired from 2012-2016. I don’t recall when I started watching it, but I’m watching it now! Apologies for the delay in posting this review!

Drake Bell is the voice of Spider-Man in this show and honestly it’s the best voice for a Spider-Man so far. It’s also the most accurate depiction of Spider-Man in a show so far, with Peter basically narrating everything that’s going on with a humorous attitude and tone. Stan Lee was the janitor who always had a life story to tell, but Peter never wanted to listen to them! Peter also breaks the fourth wall constantly to share info or jokes with the audience, which is why I like this show so much. They show the way his brain works with cute little animations and chaotic moments, which is cool because knowing how a character thinks helps the audience understand them better and develops the character!

Season 1: The intro for this season was just a quick title sequence a few minutes after the show had been and the plot introduced. Overall, this was a great season and I really love this show. This season introduced villains, and other characters, without overwhelming or confusing the audience, it kept storylines clear and organized, and each episode was able to stand on its own without too much background needed for the audience. I rather like that about a show! Peter narrates everything as it’s happening and we get peeks into how his mind works, which is incredible and done extremely well! He’s a relatable character and everyone on his team is likeable. They didn’t give too much information about his teammates yet, but they built up their friendship and growing trust with each other at a steady pace. While the main focus in each episode is the plot, there were a lot of smaller details or references to other shows that I loved and am going to share! Doctor Strange wasn’t the clean cut man we all know and love; he has longer hair in this! His hair was about chin length and had a messy, sexy vibe to it (yes I know this is a kids show). There was a reference to the 1994 Spider-Man (review here) when Peter had a nightmare about having 6 arms and Aunt May was a giant spider. At the end of the first episode that featured Doctor Octopus the end credit said “Spider-Man Will Return in Doctor Octopussy,” which I found fucking hilarious. There was also a Spider-Ham reference when Loki turned him into a pig, as he was called Spider-Ham and Peter Porker by the others. The season came to an end with a big battle between Spider-Man, Goblin, and Venom. Goblin got away but in the process the Hellicarier was destroyed, which is when Peter learned that’s where his teammates were living. With no place to go, he speaks to Aunt May and they all move in together! What chaos will ensue from this?

Season 2: Season two maintains the same brief intro as season one and starts off strong by introducing the Lizard. Peter and his teammates are practically on top of each other now, since they live together, so when Peter goes off to spend time with Doc Connors things go wrong and he ends up as the Lizard. A few episodes later the Sinister Six for this show were introduced. The Six included: Doctor Octopus, Kraven, Lizard, Electro, Rhino, and The Beetle. They played a crucial role throughout the season and overall it was another great season! Everyone moved out of Peter’s home when the Helicarrier was fixed and we got to learn more about the characters. Peter grew a lot in the season and it ends with him being offered a place with the Avengers after saving the city and his team from becoming Goblins, but his answer is unknown! This season also had some cool references or other cool details throughout. The first being an obvious reference to the Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends show (review here) with a title sequence of him and the Lizard that matched the title sequence for the show. There was also a brief one with Doctor Octopus, but Peter cut that short and shook off the weird image in his head. Stan has a Soap Box that he stands on to go on about things which is a reference to Stan’s Soapbox, a page often featured in the comics (check out my Instagram to see it on my Comic Book Friday’s!). And finally, Deadpool was in an episode which changed the title to Ultimate Deadpool, classic.


Season 3: This season begins with the return of the Guardians and maintains the same short intro. Peter has decided to wait on joining the Avengers after being with them for a short period of time and returns to SHIELD and his original team. While Peter’s team is growing and getting stronger, Peter begins recruiting younger heroes who are coming out of the woodworks to join his Web Warriors (the title given to the second half of the season). Peter is truly developing as a leader and as a person and the show begins to focus much more on him as a leader of everyone instead of him and his initial team. Nova, Powerman, White Tiger, and Iron Fist get suit upgrades in the first half of the season and this is somewhat their transition to being less of a focus as they’ve grown enough to be independent. As this season progresses, it brings in a lot of cool and funny things that are worth noting. Some were comic accurate, some were clearly made up but still pretty fun. The Spider-Supreme makes an appearance as Spider-Man has to fight Nightmare to save Doctor Strange. There are two big references to the old school Spider-Man show, the first being an episode with a similar style of animation and jokes and the second was the demonic Spider-Man-Spider (the six arm monstrosity) as Peter goes savage in the Savage Lands. The Thunderbolts are introduced, though only briefly as they become the Web Warriors (originally the New Warriors). There was a silly Jesse crossover episode (for those not familiar, Jesse was a Disney XD Channel show that was about a country girl becoming a nanny to four bougie rich kids). There is only one point of concern I hold with this season. It ends with a four-episode special about The Grand Master and The Collector using heroes and villains to battle over who is better, and right away Spider-Man knows The Collector and they keep referencing something in the past about Spider-Man having dealt with him before. Now, this seems familiar from the first time I saw the show (however many years ago) but it wasn’t in this show? Was it in the Avengers show I’m watching soon when he was a part of the Avengers? I know these shows all aired around the same time and have a lot of crossover, but a plot point this big should be in the Spider-Man show, not the Avengers one. The season ends with Aunt May admitting she knows that Peter is Spider-Man and trying to help him in his battle (however misguided this was).

Season 4: This season changes in tone and story completely, which I loved. It becomes Ultimate Spider-Man vs The Sinister 6 and it really dives into the challenges Peter faces as a young superhero. Dr. Octopus joins Hydra, though only to use them to get what he wants in the long run, and gets an extremely creepy suit and looks upgrade, which I hated looking at. He lost all his hair and they aged him significantly in the span of 5 minutes with his new look. New villains are introduced and old ones change their ways, some more than once, as Otto tries to build his new and improved Sinister 6. As Spider-Man grows his teams, it focuses more on the variations of Spider-Men in the world, and other worlds, mainly Agent Venom, Iron-Spider, Miles Morales, and Scarlet Spider. Now, Scarlet Spider quickly became my favorite and I loved how much content we got of him, so it broke my heart when he turned out to be the spy. However, thankfully, in the end he decided to help Peter and Aunt May and sacrificed himself to save them and NYC which caused me to cry a bit because I really did love the character. BUT thankfully they brought him back! He struggled once again with his friendship with Peter as he discovered who/what he really was, but in the end he trusted his teammates and remained on the Web Warriors. I also appreciated the growth Flash underwent in this season and the bond he developed with Peter. The season came to a strong conclusion with Peter realizing he’s more than just Spider-Man and everyone graduating from SHIELD Academy. There were a few things in this season that were pretty cool, and one that was really stupid (Agents Fitz and Simmons had a cameo). The cool things were the True Believers references, Peter calling himself a Spirate then taking Doctor Strange and Ant-Man trick-or-treating, and Moon Knight as a whole was hilarious. Doctor Octopus also got a suit upgrade and finally looked like his classic comic book self, though his voice was still creepy. 

Overall, I would highly recommend this show to actually watch, not just have on. This Spider-Man is the funniest and most relatable so far, and the seasons give him great opportunities to grow and learn. The focus on his friends shifts away as his journey becomes more tasking and I liked this focus they put on him while still valuing his friends. His friends grow as well, but it’s more obvious in their suit upgrades instead of their actual character development. The only thing with this show that may cause concern is how not comic-accurate it is. Some of the story lines for characters are based loosely in the comics, others are just completely made up (as are some of the characters in general). While I didn’t mind this because of how much I enjoyed the show, it’s something to consider if you’re a hardcore comicbook nerd. 

The main characters were Spider-Man (of course), Iron Fist, Power-Man, Nova, and White Tiger, though the other four weren’t as much of a feature by the time we get to season 4 because so many other characters were introduced. White Tiger’s backstory was revealed in season one, Iron Fist’s and Powermans were in season two, and Nova’s was somewhat in season two and three. My favorite character was Spider-Man, of course, because he was hilarious and relatable, and this is probably one of the most accurate depictions of the character I’ve seen so far in my Marvel animated journey. I did enjoy plenty of other characters featured though: Iron Fist, Doctor Doom, Wolverine, Loki, Venom, Deadpool, Spyder-Knight, and Scarlet-Spider (I LOVED HIM).

There were also a lot of other Marvel characters featured, some briefly and some made recurring appearances, also I probably repeated some because there were SO MANY. In order of appearance they were J. Jonah Jameson, Trapster, Nick Fury, Doctor Octopus, Mary Jane, Harry Osborn, Norman Osborn, Flash Thompson, Stan Lee, Wizard, Klaw, Thundra, Aunt May, Dr. Curt Connors, Phil Coulson, Dr. Doom, Venom, Living Laser, Iron Man, Task Master, Batroc, Hulk, Galactus, Frost Giants, Thor, Loki, Odin, Etri, Wolverine, Mesmero, Sabertooth, Whirlwind, Doctor Strange, Nightmare, Juggernaut, Scorpio and Zodiac, The Beetle, Sandman, The Wrecking Crew, Skurge, Captain America, Electro, Rhino, Kraven the Hunter, Hawkeye, Steel Spider, Carnage, Grizzly, John Jameson, Swarm, The Destroyer, Scorpion, The Thing, Rocket, Chitari, Korvac, Star Lord, Gamora, Drax, Groot, Arcade, Blade, Dracula, The Living Mummy, Frankenstein’s Monster, Werewolf by Night, Man-Thing, Invisible Man, Iron Patriot, Titus, Black Widow, JARVIS, Falcon, Fin Fang Foom, Atuma, Ulik, Fenris, Agent Venom, Cloak and Dagger, Dormammu, Squirrel Girl, Vulture, Ka-Zar and Zabu, Boomerang, Shocker, Morgan Le Fey, The Enforcers, Spider-Man 2099, Spider-Girl (Petra Parker), Spider-Man Noir (Old Peter Parker), Spider-Ham (Peter Porker), Spyder-Knight and Spyder-Horse, Miles Morales, The Whizzer, Dr. Arnim Zola, Ant-Man, Molten Man, Triton, Queen Medusa, Lockjaw, Karnak, Gorgon, Crystal, King Black Bolt, Maximus the Mad, The Collector, The Grand Master, King of the Wendigos, Red Hulk, Yimr, Blastaar, Skaar, Absorbing Man, Zzzaax, Terrax, Attuma, Annihialus, A-Bomb, Shel Hulk, The Leader, MODOK, Scarlet-Spider, Baron Mordo,  Anti-Venom, Dr. Michael Morbius, Hydro-Man, Shriek, Madame Web, The Mechano, Crossbones, Blood Spider, Wolf Spider, Web Beard, Howard the Duck, Spider-Gwen, Ultron, Bone-Spider, Goliath-Spider, Ghost-Spider, Moon Knight, Mysterio. 

A Quick Note: I’m going through all of these shows in order on Disney+, but I will be skipping Ironman-Hulk: Heroes United because I don’t like that style of animation. If you want to check them out yourself, go for it! Tell me on Twitter what you thought of them!

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Venom: Let There Be Carnage Review

Venom is back and boy did they go hard on the SymBrock this time. I think Sony ships them just as much as we do. This movie came out last October and I was super hyped for it because I loved the first Venom movie and I love Carnage in the comics, so I was excited to see the live-action version of him! I did rank this in my MCU/Marvel Associated list based on my first watch of the film, but I haven’t been able to review it until now. I’m very excited to watch it again and discuss it in-depth. This review is going to be a bit different from my normal ones though as I want to adjust how I review and improve my reviewing skills!

DISCLAIMER: I do not support nor like the character of Cletus Kassidy on a human level. When I say I like Carnage, I am speaking of the symbiote specifically NOT the person he is bonded with.

Plot: On a basic level the plot is Venom vs Carnage, but of course all good stories have their main plot and their subplots. Venom and Eddie are trying to find a way to live where both get what they want, but that’s not really possible. Eddie is trying to keep them under the radar after everything that happened and get his career back on track while Venom wants to do everything they’re capable of doing and become the Lethal Protector (a name I guess Sony owns the rights to?). The movie develops their relationship further and brings in plots points from the comics that are directly connected to Venom (Carnage, his accidental spawn). Anne and Dan’s subplot was developed without having them on screen too much by including mentions of their engagement, which fit well because Eddie needs Venom and doesn’t stay with her in the comics either. Cletus Kassidy’s storyline/subplot is set up well and intertwines with Eddie and Venom’s at a good pace that the audience can follow. The plot’s pacing was perfect and they left it open for another movie, which is great! Maybe next time we learn about the Hive and get to see Toxin. 

Character Development: The sub characters, such as Anne and Dan, didn’t really develop much but they didn’t need to. They’re fairly straight-forward characters that don’t take up enough screen time to need to be developed. I did enjoy how Dan just wanted to help though. The main characters did have strong development both individually and together. Eddie and Venom were separated for a bit and grew enough to realize that they belong together, and once they were back together they developed a lot in the end of the film. I liked this because their relationship had been built up enough that the bonding presented in the end was a strong resolution to everything. Cletus’s character was developed well for only being in one film, and the comic accuracy of his story was on point. The only thing that didn’t match up was his bond with Carnage. In the comics they are the perfect symbiotic relationship, referring to themselves as “me” or “I” instead of “us” and “we” like the rest do. However, for the sake of the film it did make sense for them to be individuals. 

Points of Interest: Throughout the movie Sony sprinkled in things for the large variety of fans they have watching these films, from Symbrock moments to Marvel Comics references. Mostly Symbrock though, which is fine because even in the comics that’s fairly canon with the way Eddie and Venom interact. When the first film came out, a lot of fanfiction was focusing on their domestic life together, including many scenes where Venom is cooking Eddie breakfast. That HAS to be where they got the idea because it was too fanfic-picture-perfect to have been their idea. During their breakup scene, which I have a lot to say about, Eddie gets made at Venom and says “that was abuse, that was abusive!” which most people don’t really say unless it’s in relation to a relationship! Then, after they break up and Venom wrecks Eddie’s bike, Eddie cleans up his place and tries to remove all memories of Venom, something that people do to move forward from an ended relationship. Meanwhile, Venom goes to some Halloween rave to party his feelings away and ends up talking about Eddie the entire time and then goes outside to be sad about not being with Eddie anymore. Also at some point he gets hit on by a woman and is absolutely horrified. Eventually the two end up back together with a rather chaotic apology and Dan mentions to Anne that they (Venom and Eddie) need couples counseling. In the end of the film both somewhat confess their love for each other, though Eddie’s moment is in the deleted scenes. And for the Marvel comics fans out there, we get a glimpse into Ravencroft!

Overall: I absolutely loved this movie and always have a good laugh while watching it. Sony has figured out exactly how to create Venom content and, with the help of Tom Hardy, have made the movies fun for the audience while sticking to the comics as best as they can. I don’t think these movies get enough credit and we need to appreciate the tone Sony has set up for these characters/films. They’ve found their niche and are expanding into more Spider-Man characters, and hopefully bringing back Andrew for one more movie!

Bloopers and Extras: I have the physical Blu-Ray DVD because streaming these movies isn’t always an option, so I was able to see all of the bloopers, the behind-the-scenes, and the deleted scenes. Blooper reels are always fun to watch because you get to see the cast and crew goofing off or trying to make each other laugh. Actors trying to shake off forgetting a line or making themselves laugh is a good laugh for the audience as well! Plus, everyone ends up dancing for some reason! As for the deleted scenes, they had some interesting titles but only a few had interesting content. There was a different mugging scene, an extension of their breakup, more of the demented love story between Cletus and Shriek, a mention of the Unholy Trinity, and an extended beach love scene where Venom is going on about Eddie loving him and he caves and says “maybe a little” before it pulls away. 

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Hawkeye Review

Happy New Year! Before jumping into this review, which is slightly late from when the show actually ended, I wanted to remind everyone that I will now be posting blog posts every other Monday, and Podcast episodes (hopefully) on the Monday’s that have no blog post. This will be an easier schedule for me to maintain, especially because I need more time to watch the animated show when I review those. 

We’re back with another Marvel show! So far I’ve had a good time watching the MCU shows and the movies that’ve been coming out have been getting really good (excluding that shitshow that was Slyvie). For this show I’m going to write individual episode reviews after I have seen each episode twice, like I normally do with the movies. I will also write a general review about the show as a whole. So, while this should be implied, this review contains spoilers!

Episode One: This episode was pretty good and set up Kate’s story well. The show begins back during the invasion of NYC in 2012 where we meet a young Kate Bishop where she sees Clint and is inspired to be just like him. The dad goes mysteriously missing during this scene and I can’t help but suspect that the mother is responsible for his death…but this never gets resolved. Then we jump ahead to current times (exact year unclear but it’s set right before Spider-Man NWH I believe) to Rogers the Musical…an interesting experience with fairly inaccurate broadway representations of everyone involved. Clint is there with his fake family (explanation later) and leaves because he can’t handle seeing the actress playing Natasha. He also comments that Ant-Man wasn’t there, but because of Endgame, perhaps he was! They finally show his hearing aid and explain it in a later episode (Hawkeye wears them in the comics). At the same time, Kate is escaping a black market auction and ends up wearing the Ronin suit which brings her a lot of negative attention from the Tracksuit Mafia, a group under Kingpin. Clint meets her at the end of the episode once he sees the suit on the news and goes to investigate who is wearing it. Also, Pizza Dog introduction!

Episode Two: This episode was better as there was a bit more humor in it from Kate and the Tracksuit Mafia. They are formally introduced and are mostly a group of hilarious Russians that you kinda want to root for. They explain Clint’s hearing problems (he’s mostly deaf now) by showing fight scenes and explosions from the previous movies. Kate’s personality is clear from the start and she’s probably the most relatable character in all of Marvel, at least for a fangirl in her 20’s. The LARPers are introduced and are really cool people that show that there’s more to our heroes than meets the eye. They also have great respect for Hawkeye but expect him to respect their craft, which is pretty cool. The end of the episode introduces Echo, who is a character I had to Google at first because I didn’t understand who she was right off the bat. 

Episode Three: This episode was a bit more intense as it brought in some new characters and continued developing Kate and Clint’s friendship. In this episode Echo’s backstory is given to the viewer (most of whom probably needed it like me) and they show us Kingpin’s hand, foreshadowing his importance to the show and that she would logically be working under him. We learn that Ronin killed her father and she is seeking justice/revenge for her fathers murder and is not chasing him down because Kingpin wants her to. Hawkeye shows off his incredible fight skills but mainly his skill with his bow, which is always cool to see in close up fights. Also, his bow is taped from where Black Panther split it in half in Civil War. Kate and Clint are learning to communicate and she is allowed to use a few trick arrows during their escape. Clint and Scott are clearly friends as Clint has a PYM Tech arrowhead that enlarged Kate’s arrow and crushed the truck. At the diner, where Pizza Dog is named Pizza Dog, she talks about his branding and draws the classic Hawkeye suit for him. Which he of course rejects because it’s too ridiculous. 

Episode Four: I liked this episode because it ended with one of my new favorite characters, had Kate and Clint bonding, and had some emotional moments. Elenor (a bitch) lowkey threatens Hawkeye to stay away from Kate and it’s mostly because she hired an assassin to take him out for getting too close to her and her boss. Kate realizes what Clint is sacrificing to help her and decides to bring the holidays to him, where some fun Christmas hijinks occur. Clint then shares how he met Natasha (he’s totally in love with her, explanation later) and Kate then figures out he was the Ronin. Then, they go get the watch Laura Barton lost. This plot point, however, left me with a lot of questions. Why did Maya and/or Kingpin want the watch in the first place? Why does it matter? How did they know what it was? This seemed like a bit of a plothole that needs some explaining. At the end of the episode an assassin shows up and is unmasked to be YELENA! This connects the end-credit scene from Black Widow to the show and gives us the chance to see more of Yelena as she learns who she is and does things she’s always wanted to do. There are also parallels because Kate doesn’t take the shot with her just like Clint didn’t take the shot with Natasha. 

Episode Five: I really loved this episode because of how much it incorporated Yelena and her badass/adorable outfits. It also sets up a Kate and Yelena friendship that I sincerely hope Marvel pursues. This episode begins by shower where Yelena was when she was snapped and how fast the event happened for the people who vanished. Throughout the episode she is trying to get justice for Natasha, not knowing the details of what happened, and she’s extremely cute and chaotic as she does so. The potential friendship dynamic with Kate and Yelena is established as they chat over a somewhat tense dinner and the new and improved statue of liberty is mentioned. Again establishing that this happens right before the events of Spider-Man NHW. Clint realizes what he was to do to show Maya she’s on the wrong side and goes to the Avengers tribute to “talk” to Natasha about it. He went to speak to his dead best friend before calling his “wife” and you expect me to believe he loves his wife and not Natasha? Bullshit. Anyway, we see more of Clint’s hand-to-hand combat abilities which are better because he trained with a Black Widow, but he’s still a bit rusty due to age and his somewhat retirement. More of Maya is shown in this episode and I’m still not a huge fan, but so far she’s only expressed rage so it’s difficult to see her as a full character. They end the episode by properly introducing Kingpin who is the same from Daredevil, a show I will get to eventually.

Episode Six: For the final episode of the season this one was pretty good and it’s tied with episode 5 for my favorite episode. Kingpin’s empire doesn’t seem to match what it was in Daredevil (or so I’ve heard), but consider that this is after the snap and the return of everyone. For five years half of the world was missing and everything was in chaos, of course his empire isn’t what it was and he’s working to get it back on track. Elenor is trying to get out of it but of course that won’t happen, also she’s a bitch and I was once again right in my distrust of a character. Clint has accepted Kate as his partner at this point and they get to work preparing to take on Kingpin and the Tracksuit mafia by making more trick arrows. We see a shrinking PYM Tech arrow and something with Stark on the side (I miss Tony Stark everyday). Yelena and Kate are more of a chaotic duo this time and compliment each other’s fighting skills after some hand-to-hand combat. Jack really is just a dude who loves swords (memes below) who we all misjudged, and he may become a LARPer! Hawkeye finally dawns his new suit with the classic purple color, hurray! He also affirms his and Scott’s friendship, making it seem like they chat regularly, as he mentions asking about what happens to the people he shrunk (though they get carried off by a cute owl we saw in the tree). Maya finally shows more emotions than just rage and looks more dynamic with her hair down. She also shoots Kingpin at the end of the episode but we know that even when he gets shot in both eyes in the comics he still survives. Daredevil season 4 perhaps? 

Finally, my two main points of issue: Clint being in love with Natasha and his wife being a waste of a character. First, this entire show has shown us just how much Clint misses Natasha and how much he cared about her. The way he speaks about her is the way someone speaks about the person they love the most, especially when he’s talking to Yelena about how much Natasha meant to him. He also knows all about Natasha’s and Yelena’s bond and their secret whistle. It’s extremely difficult to believe he didn’t love her and if Joss Wheadon hadn’t fucked up everything in Age of Ultron we could’ve gotten a Natasha and Clint romance, which would’ve made the events of Endgame ten times more heartbreaking. Which brings me to my second point, his ‘wife.’ Laura Barton was introduced in Age of Ultron as a cop out because they didn’t know where else they could hide so they made up this entire fake family and now have no choice but to include them in the canon. However, because of how terribly they were introduced it is too late to try and make them relevant or cool, especially his ‘wife.’ Agent 19, Mockingbird, has already been introduced into the supposed MCU canon with Agents of SHIELD and is a much better choice for the character all around. I could tolerate them switching her romance history to someone else (her and Hawkeye married and divorced twice in the comics), but now they’re trying to ignore the first version of the character and make Laura Barton Agent 19? That’s lazy writing. It would’ve just been easier to keep her as a generic person instead of trying to make her relevant to the fans. At this point I think they’re only together for the sake of the kids because he doesn’t speak about her or to her like he’s in love and it’s nothing compared to the way he speaks about Natasha. 

Overall, I really enjoyed this show and loved the character introduction and development of Kate. The intros and outros to each episode were beautiful, featuring the Hawkeye comic book style and different scenes from their lives and the episodes. There were also a lot of comic-accurate depictions of moments throughout the show, yay! The only end credit scene, though, was the full song from Rogers the Musical. While it was somewhat entertaining to watch, it needed to have included someone like Sam and Bucky walking out after talking about how horrible it was. I would recommend the show, but watch Black Widow first!

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Ranking the MCU/Marvel Associated 2021

With 2021 coming to an end and Marvel giving us all kinds of content this year, movies and shows, I’ve decided to adjust my rankings from before to include the new shows and movies and will post a ranking at the end of each year. I will link the original rankings here if you’d like to compare the rankings and relink all the reviews for the movies or shows as they’re listed (assuming I have a review out for it)! 

Also, I’m going to be including Marvel associated projects in my rankings as well if they connect into the MCU. That means everything that connects into Spider-Man No Way Home and beyond will be included in my rankings from now on too once I rewatch them. That means the older Spider-Man movies will not be ranked until AFTER I have reviewed them. So keep an eye out for those reviews!

  1. Captain America: The Winter Soldier
  2. The Falcon and The Winter Soldier
  3. The Avengers
  4. Venom: Let There be Carnage (review coming Jan 24th)
  5. Black Panther
  6. Doctor Strange
  7. Shang-Chi
  8. What If…?
  9. Thor: Ragnarok
  10. Iron Man
  11. Captain America: Civil War
  12. WandaVision
  13. Venom
  14. Spider-Man: No Way Home (review coming next year)
  15. Captain America: The First Avenger
  16. Guardians of the Galaxy
  17. Ant-Man
  18. Loki
  19. Iron Man 3
  20. Iron Man 2
  21. Black Widow
  22. Eternals (review coming next year)
  23. Guardians of the Galaxy VOL. 2
  24. Avengers: Infinity War
  25. Avengers: Endgame
  26. Spider-Man Homecoming
  27. Ant-Man and the Wasp
  28. Spider-Man: Far From Home
  29. Thor
  30. Captain Marvel
  31. Thor: The Dark World
  32. Avengers: Age of Ultron 

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Shang-Chi Review

I’m generally hyped for Marvel movies so I was pretty excited for this one even though I didn’t know anything about the character. While I do love Marvel, there are still a lot of characters I’m learning about or just learning of as I journey through the comics and movies! I was excited and had a really good time watching it, though the end credit scene left me with a few questions as the timeline for these movies and TV shows is starting to get a bit confusing. Overall, it’s a really great film!

The film begins with the real story of who the Mandarin is and how he came to power with the Ten Rings, then how he met his wife. This was a beautiful fight scene with incredible visuals and a silent story of romance. The story of the Mandarin was told in Chinese and many of the scenes featured the language, which I think is important to the characters and movies in general today. Flashbacks were weaved into the movie in a smooth and seamless way, fitting into the pacing/timing of the story well. They also developed the characters well with these flashbacks, showing the audience the different struggles Shang-Chi and his sister faced growing up. 

Shang-Chi, or Shaun, and Katy were living fun lives as valets at a fancy hotel (restaurant?) and going out for fun nights with friends then karaoke. However, this all gets turned upside down when they’re attacked on the bus and Katy learns that Shaun can kick-ass. The entire thing is filmed by a vlogger (or general influencer) on his phone and he’s honestly the most relatable person in the scene. They head to China after that to find his sister who runs an underground fight ring and there are a few other characters featured. Wong and Abomination are fighting in the main ring (guess even the Sorcerer Supreme needs to blow off steam) and there is one of those weird fire people from Iron Man 3 in the smaller fights. After they fight, and Shang takes off his shirt, their father captures them and takes them all back to their home. Note: The fight scene on the bamboo scaffolding did cause some anxiety because the way they filmed it triggered my fear of heights.

Trevor Slattery, the fake Mandarin from Iron Man 3, returns and we learn that they keep him prisoner for entertainment. He also has a magical friend named Morris who helps them find the hidden city of Ta Lo where some of the creatures reminded me of pokemon (Nine Tails and Moltres). In Ta Lo they met their aunt and learned about their heritage. Something that threw me off though was how much the aunt knew about them. Their mother had not returned after leaving for love, and we knew nothing about them communicating, so this plot point needed more explanation.

After a great battle, a beautiful dragon, and the death of their father, the movie wraps up with Shang and Katy eating dinner with their friends and going on about the incredible journey they just went on. Their friends, however, don’t believe them until Wong shows up and pulls them away. The film has two end credit scenes: The first is Wong studying the rings with Shang, Katy, Bruce (who is human again?), and Captain Marvel. Supposedly the rings sent out an unknown message to someone or something. Then they go to karaoke! The second is Xi at the Ten Rings compound setting up her fight ring there, I think. I’m a bit confused about this though because I’m unclear on if the sister is the new head of the Ten Rings, if the organization is becoming something else, or if she’s just moving her fight ring there. Hopefully the next movie explains this!

All Hail the King Review: This  is a Marvel short only available on Disney+ that shows Trevor getting taken from prison by the Ten Rings. Trevor is basically a celebrity in prison with a large following and is being interviewed by an undercover Ten Rings assassin who breaks him out to be killed (though we know this didn’t happen as explained in Shang-Chi). Trevor has a Captain America shield tattoo with the Avengers A in the center of it. He also has a really fancy prison room full of decor, posters, and various items he enjoys. It’s a pretty fun short and has its own mini end credit scene that features Hammer judging Trevor with his little prison boy toy. It’s hilarious and honestly fits his character perfectly. 

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Venom Review

Now this is a good fucking movie. At first when this movie was coming out I was skeptical of it being rated PG-13 instead of R because I felt Venom as a character would thrive better in an R environment. However, I had a blast watching it because the humor was really good, Eddie was a relatable chaotic mess, and Venom is the friend we all need. I have watched it several times since it came out and always recommend it to those who haven’t seen it, which may be you! I’m glad they made this movie and are continuing the Symbiote universe with Venom: Let There Be Carnage. I am reviewing this now because Venom has been integrated into the MCU, and I am adding those films to my ranking list so I needed a review to go along with it!

I’m going to start with cool things about the characters I noticed. Throughout the movie Eddie’s life is seemingly falling apart; he lost Anne, he lost his job, and his name has been ruined in the journalistic world. However, Eddie is still kind to people and doesn’t let his shitty life affect how he treats others. I think that’s a nice touch for his character. He also doesn’t have the traditional superhero glow-up that we see in every movie; he stays a chaotic, sweaty, scared mess who acknowledges his feelings and reacts to each situation how a normal person would. Eddie also uses ‘we’ really quickly with Venom once he realizes he’s not alone in his body and starts communicating with him easily, which is cute. Then Venom says “I am Venom, and you are mine,” which is what makes this movie a romcom. Also Eddie says Parasite is a term of endearment. Dan, Anne’s new Doctor boyfriend, is a really great character because he trusts Anne and isn’t jealous of her desire to help Eddie. Instead, he tries to help Eddie determine what is living inside him. 

Throughout the film there were a lot of things I noticed as a Marvel nerd, and I wanted to discuss them. The pilot that Riot uses as a host at the start of the film is named Jameson and it made me wonder, is this a reference to J. Jonah Jameson’s son who is a NASA pilot? Out of the four symbiotes that came from the ship, only Venom and Riot were named. Based on the colors the other two may have been Scream and Toxin or Agony, but they were killed so it may just have been a creative color choice. Riot’s jumping from person to person shows that the symbiotes don’t know how to take care of their human hosts unless the match is symbiotic. Also, the other test subject that was hosting one still died because humans don’t provide the nutrients needed for a symbiote to survive, but the Life Foundation didn’t know that. Riot absorbs Venom at one point which is something Carnage does in the comics a lot to the others, so it was cool to see. Stan Lee makes a cameo in this movie, which was really nice to see, and the end credit scene is the introduction to Cletus Cassidy, the serial killer who hosts Carnage. 

A few other things in the movie that aren’t really related to the movie. San Fransisco streets are fucking insane, like how to people walk up and down them? They’re all steep hills, my god! Also, the Life Foundation really be out here ramming drones into things to create blue explosions with no regard to anything. 

Overall, this movie is really great because it’s funny, has strong character development, and some cool comic references/acknowledgements. I really want to recommend it again if you haven’t seen it, because the second one is even better! I’m super excited to see where Venom’s story goes and I would absolutely LOVE to see Scream, Agony, and Lasher at some point in the universe! Venom: Let There be Carnage review will come out in the new year! 

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Black Widow Review

Black Widow is a movie that was long overdue in the MCU and unfortunately came out during a bad time for movies. It came out earlier this year as movie theaters were just opening up again and I’m reviewing it instead of when it came out because I wanted time to sit on it and watch it again. I’m going to share my reactions to the first time I saw it in one paragraph and provide a detailed review as per usual after a rewatch. 

Initial Watch at the Theater: Because of how delayed this movie was I wasn’t as hyped for it as I normally would be for a MCU movie. Not only should it have been made years before, it kept getting pushed back due to covid and felt less and less exciting each time they moved it. I’m not sure I really appreciated the movie correctly the first time but it did add a lot of depth to Black Widow’s character. Regular MCU viewers who don’t know her story were able to learn about where she came from and the pain and suffering she went through in Red Room. They also were forced to acknowledge the darkness of human trafficking and how horrific it is for young girls who can’t fight or protect themselves. The inclusion of Taskmaster made sense for the film and I rather enjoyed the character and the costume, though I know many did not. Something I didn’t quite understand was the weight Yelena and her family put on them being a family. They didn’t spend that many years together and the majority of Natasha’s and Yelena’s life was spent in Red Room. I can somewhat understand the clinging to this small glimpse of happiness, but it still seemed to hold more importance than I expected. The movie does, however, continue to prove my point that Clint (who’s family is a scam) should have been the one killed in Endgame and not Natasha. At least What If… got that right. Overall, it was a pretty good movie but doesn’t stand against the other stand-alone MCU films.

Watch for Review: After watching this movie a second time I have to say it’s pretty good! I still think it came out a bit too late and I’m not ranking it too high on my rankings of the MCU, but I did still enjoy it. The movie starts out in Ohio 1995, where we see Natasha’s fake family with Alexie, Melina, and Yelena (who doesn’t know what will happen to her in Red Room yet). Alexie steals some information and they escape from America later to be seperated and Natasha and Yelena are forced to go through Red Room. Natasha already had some experience there and tried to protect Yelena, but they had no choice but to go. The intro to the movie has a beautiful song but the sequence itself is tragic. We see heartbreaking scenes of the girls being seperated, transported, tested, trained, and experimented on. I think this sequence is good though because it really forces the audience to consider how serious human trafficking is. Later in the film Yelena explains how they were neutered so they wouldn’t get pregnant. 

The film is set just after the events of Civil War; Natasha is eluding Ross and off to a safe house to lay low for a while. We also see her debating dyeing her hair blonde, which she does later so now we have backstory on that choice. Meanwhile, we see Yelena breaking free from Red Room’s control and running off. She sends the vials to Natasha who runs into Task Master on her way into the city for gas. Now, I understand that this version of Task Master is not comic accurate back-story wise, BUT I think the costume and character is still pretty badass and I feel that they could have someone else take the costume and be Task Master 2.0 or something. As Yelena and Nat are catching up and escaping from Task Master, we learn exactly what happened in Budapest with her and Clint and get a glimpse of Natasha back when she still had a Russian accent (something she rid herself of to better fit in with S.H.I.E.L.D.). We also see their bond as sisters as they joke around, Nat takes care of her, and Yelena gives her the vest she wore in Infinity War. We also get to see Natasha in a white suit, which I loved! 

Natasha learns the truth about what happened to her mother and manages to kill Drakov. Marvel leaves us with the easter egg of Ursa Major who was arm wrestling Alexie in prison, though I doubt he will return since the entire prison was wiped out in the snow! Unless that’s his backstory…who knows! The film ends with Yelena going to Natah’s grave and whistling their little whistle, and there was a scene where she whistled back but I guess Marvel decided to keep Natasha dead. Valentina comes and shows Yelena her next target who is Hawkeye, but I’m a bit confused as to how that will work since the Hawkeye show is (supposedly) set two years after Endgame. I am reviewing that as well…so check it out! Overall, this is a really good movie!

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My Favorite DC Characters

Since I made a post about my favorite Marvel characters I felt I should make one about my favorite DC characters as well. Now I don’t know DC as well, but I have been consuming more DC content lately and do have a few favorite characters or characters I would like to learn about! I will specify if I like the version of the character in a movie or show, but for DC I am generally discussing the comic version of the characters since that is where I have most of my knowledge from. While they are being presented in a list format, they are not in order of favoritism because I rotate favorites depending on the week.

  • Dr. Harleen Quinzel, Harley Quinn: For Harley I am referring to all versions of her because she is great in everything. I have always had a fondness for her character because of how eccentric and interesting she is. I don’t recall the first thing I saw her in, but I have been dressing up as her for about 5 or 6 years now. As I grew curious about her I began to learn more about her and her life, and her abusive relationship with Joker. The more I learned the more I loved her, and somewhat related having been through an abusive relationship myself. I also developed a hatred for Joker because there is no excuse for what he’s done to her. The first time I saw her in a live-action film I was thrilled and have loved seeing her in the movies since. She is always truly herself, has fallen in love with a wonderful woman, Poison Ivy, and has such a fun bubbly personality. She’s a great choice as a favorite character and a great costume choice, couples costume with Ivy only!

As I stared at this page for a while I realized my lack of knowledge in DC has made it so Harley Quinn is the only true favorite character I have. I did list other characters but deleted them all because I couldn’t justifiably say they were a favorite. I am interested in them or enjoy consuming their content, but they still don’t make the favorite list. Perhaps as I consume more DC content I will develop more favorites, but for now I sit happily at one.

Here are some photos of her from comics, video games, and movies:

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