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What If…? Review

This show is basically going to be fanfiction, and I am ready for it. Fanfiction is basically asking “what if this happened instead of what actually happened?” which is what this show is striving for. Now, since it’s still Marvel I’m sure it’s still going to include character deaths and emotional moments whereas in (good) fanfiction the writer generally ignores deaths and has a happy, satisfying ending. It’s an interesting concept and the majority of the voices are the actors that played the characters, with a few exceptions for various reasons. The animation style is an odd mixture between 2D and 3D which I am not generally a fan of but since this show looks really interesting and is canon in the MCU I will be watching it with excitement. I will be reviewing each episode individually and provide some overall thoughts about the show as a whole after the completion of the series.

Episode One, What If… Captain Carter Were The First Avenger?: Correction, What If Captain Carter WAS The First Avenger…nice going Marvel. This episode was an absolute blast, but the pacing was a bit fast since they tried to fit the entire first Captain America movie into a 30 minute show to highlight both the similarities and differences of Peggy being the one who took the serum. She took it so they wouldn’t lose the serum, but the general at the time made it out to be a waste because he believed women couldn’t fight. For the majority of the show he was bagging on her until she went out and actually made a difference in the war, for which he tried to take credit. Of course being a woman at the time this was to be expected, but it was nice to see her character being as determined as ever. Steve (who was labeled Little Steve in the credits) was not voiced by Chris Evans which was odd and noticeable, but the character remained the same and was able to help in the Hydra Stomper. No matter what his limitations are, Steve is a good guy at heart and wants to help however he can. Bucky was also a great feature in this episode and didn’t fall off the train, though he came close and made a joke about nearly losing his arm. We also learned that Bucky was the one who taught Steve how to hotwire cars and steal them. The only thing that didn’t make sense in this episode was the lack of reaction from Bucky when they thought Steve had died. Those two were extremely close so for him to pull Peggy away and not be the one screaming into the abyss was uncharacteristic of him. Everything else was great and it’s nice to think about how Steve and Bucky got to have a life together instead of all the pain and suffering they went through in the normal timeline. Overall, a good start to the series and a nice way to provide more characterization to these characters. 

Episode Two, What If… T’Challa Became a Star-Lord?: Shouldn’t it be What If T’Challa Became Star-Lord? because that’s not a formal title, just the name he’s given? Before discussing this episode, let’s all remember the incredible man that brought T’Challa to life…Rest in Peace Chadwick. This episode was really interesting and had much better pacing than the previous one. Yondu didn’t pick up Peter on Earth, instead the Ravagers picked up T’Challa who stayed with them and changed their ways to save beings across the universe instead of stealing from them. The episode displayed how reasonable and influential T’Challa is with a long list of the things he’s done to better the universe. The most impressive being talking Thanos out of commiting mass genocide, changing him to be better, and by result sparing Nebula from a life of torture and robotic implants. However, as a result the Collector became a massive, cruel individual whose collection was full of depressing realities from the MCU. He was also extremely large (physically) and led the Black Order who abandoned Thanos after he changed. It was weird to see Thanos as a decent guy but it was even weirder to see The Collector so buff and formidable. Howard the Duck made an appearance in this episode as T’Challa was looking for the Embers of Geonosis in the collection, instead finding a Wakandan ship and discovering the truth. I really liked how the episode ended with everyone coming together in Wakanda and Okoye very politely pointing out that Thanos’s plan was inside mass genocide. There was also a scene where Ego returns to earth to find Peter Quill (who is working at the Dairy Queen we saw in both GOTG movies) to use him to take over the universe. 

Episode Three, What If… the World Lost Its Mightiest Heroes?: An important note for this episode: Black Widow is voiced by Lake Bell who also voices Poison Ivy in the Harley Quinn show on HBO (a great show to watch!). This episode was fairly fast-paced as they killed off the main Avengers from the Avengers initiative. Tony was first to go (who wasn’t voiced by RDJ), then Thor (who has really great hair and smells like lavender), Clint, Bruce, and finally Natasha. Hank Pym was picking them off one-by-one because he blamed Fury for Hope’s death, who in this universe was working for S.H.I.E.L.D. ,and was killed in the line of duty. He is wearing the Yellow Jacket suit, looks absolutely deranged, and is only stopped with the help of Loki, who was sent to find Thor’s killer and bring justice for Asgard. However, in true Loki fashion he stuck around and managed to take over Earth in a single day, which is pretty impressive. Fury goes to wake up Captain America and calls in Captain Marvel to aid him in the fight against Loki. It was a pretty decent episode but not as strong as the first two. 

Episode Four, What If… Doctor Strange Lost His Heart Instead of His Hands?: This episode was absolutely heartbreaking. Doctor Strange went on a similar journey except the starting point was different: he lost Christine instead of his hands. Then, he learns that absolute points in time cannot be changed and two versions of him are created: one that accepts this and one that does not. The one that does not goes to extreme measures to try and bring her back, absorbing the power of various powerful beings to use it to break that point in time. In the process he becomes deranged and delusional, eventually having to destroy the other version of himself in order to bring her back. What he doesn’t realize is that his universe is being destroyed in the process and that Christine will also be destroyed. It was heartbreaking to watch him go through all of this and in the end be the only being left in his universe. This is the first episode where The Watcher interacts with someone as well, as the evil Doctor Strange can sense in and asks for his help. However, help is denied as the Watcher cannot interfere, though I believe he was not meant to interact either. I was shocked to see the episode end like that without some sort of resolution. It was an extremely good episode though. 

Episode Five, What If… Zombies!?: I hate zombies, like panic attack level hate zombies. This episode is actually why I stopped watching the show until it was finished…and even then I heavily debated skipping this episode until I learned that everything is connected (which sucks because now I have to watch this). So here we fucking go. Tom Holland isn’t Spider-Man? I don’t think Hope was Hope either. The pacing of this episode was fine but it ended on a cliffhanger for some unknown reason, which is not cool because I really don’t want to see zombies again. These episodes keep surprising me. The people who were left made sense and I’m glad we had a sexy Bucky shower moment, and I’m glad they killed off Sharon Carter. Peter was the only ray of light in this episode and we briefly saw Spider-Man Supreme as he donned the Cloak of Levitation for a few minutes. Most of the Avengers were killed off though, and for some diluted reason Vision was feeding zombie Wanda, then kills himself when he can’t save her! The end of the episode shows zombie Thanos who was 5 of the 6 stones, which means that the universe is doomed indeed. Not a bad episode plot wise, but because of the zombies I have to rank it last.

Episode Six, What If… Killmonger Rescued Tony Stark?: This was such a great episode with strong pacing and interesting character development! Though the title doesn’t really fit since Marvel made us watch Tony die AGAIN, but since it wasn’t the main focus of the episode it wasn’t as traumatizing. Killmonger uses much more clever methods to get into Wakanda this time and manages to trick almost everyone about his motivation, which I assume is revenge eventually. He still kills Klaw as his ticket into Wakanda and convinces them he is just a long lost boy trying to find his way home. He is given the title and powers of the Black Panther, and has weaseled his way into the crest of Wakanda. However, Pepper and Shuri aren’t really fooled and in the end they team up against him, though the episode ends without resolution. It was a pretty good episode and Killmonger is a great character, plus the music from Black Panther is so good to hear again. The Watcher is seen more and more observing what is occurring, probably planning his heroes team for the last episode (yes I know what happens). I would like to see what happens though, but I imagine it will be a season two resolution!

Episode Seven, What If… Thor Were An Only Child?: Correction, what if Thor WAS An Only Child…nice going Marvel, AGAIN. This episode was an absolute blast, party Thor is the person to party with! Instead of Odin taking Loki as his own, he returns him to Laufey to eventually become king of Jotunheim. Therefore, Thor was raised without a sibling and became somewhat chaotic on his own. When Frigga leaves he goes to other planets to party, and this party went to Midgard in Vegas! At least, that’s where it started. Captain Marvel is brought in to keep Thor from destroying the planet, but Jane rats him out to Frigga and the party is cleaned up by everyone through a respectful fear of her. Getting to see Jotun Loki finally was wonderful and he seemed finally happy, which never really happens for him. Jane and Thor have a much more interesting dynamic here, Darcy is her usual self, and there was a wonderful number of cameos of individuals invited to Thor’s party. Overall, this episode was really good and the only reason I don’t give it a full 10/10 is because at the end Ultron/Vision show up. If it had been a stand-alone episode it would’ve been perfect.

Episode Eight, What If… Ultron Won?: This universe is indeed depressing and in the end is left with absolutely no life, thanks to Ultron. We finally see Ultron’s full potential as he destroys his universe and seeks out others…because The Watcher had to narrate instead of just Watching. He watches as Nat and Clint attempt to find Zola, the only code that can destroy Ultron, and they succeed. However, by this point Ultron is already fighting the Watcher and seeking to destroy other universes. Clint takes the fall this time, literally, and a few Endgame complaints are acknowledged. The fight between The Watcher and Ultron was incredible and it was cool to seem them fight through different universes. There was also a cool reference to Galactus eating a universe. Finally the Watcher realizes he needs help and finds his way to the ‘evil’ Doctor Strange’s universe, that is just him. He admits he has to break his oath and save the Multiverse. Overall, a pretty good episode, however I do wish the episodes were one-shots and not all connected because that’s what I thought the series was going to be.

Episode Nine, What If… The Watcher Broke His Oath?: This episode was the culmination of the previous 8 episodes, which were introductions to the Guardians of the Multiverse! Captain Carter from what was The Winter Soldier film whose version of the Winter Soldier seems to be Steve in the Hydra Stomper suit, supposedly. T’Challa Star Lord who was in the middle of saving Peter Quill from Ego and seemingly trains him to be a Ravager in the end. Party Thor was trying to go on a date with Jane in Vegas and has taken on the battle cry “Viva Las Vegas” or just “Vegas” which was PERFECT. Killmonger who was in the process of destroying Wakanda and gets trapped in his own little universe with Ultron/Zola forever. Gamora, killer of Thanos and friend of Tony Stark who’s episode didn’t make it into this season. Natasha from the universe that Ultron destroyed who gets placed in a universe that lost their Widow in the end, which was the one Loki had taken over in episode three. Realistically Doctor Strange did like 95% of the work but he did need a team to win since Natash and Captain Carter came in clutch in the end. He is tasked with watching the universe he trapped Ultron/Zola and Killmonger in and I do hope that one day he finds his own happy ending. Overall, a really really good and exciting episode!

Ok wow the episode titles shouldn’t need correction Marvel, don’t you have a whole ass team working on these? Did no one grammar check the titles? Anyway, overall I really liked this show (NOT THE ZOMBIE EPISODE) and I’m excited for the next season! I do still maintain that the episodes should’ve been one-shots, but I did enjoy how they all came together in the last episode for an epic battle. Would highly recommend (NOT THE ZOMBIE EPISODE)!

Ranking Best to Worst Episodes:

  1. Episode Two, What If… T’Challa Became a Star-Lord? 10/10
  2. Episode Four, What If… Doctor Strange Lost His Heart Instead of His Hands? 9.7/10
  3. Episode Nine, What If… The Watcher Broke His Oath? 9.5/10
  4. Episode Seven, What If… Thor Were An Only Child? 9/10
  5. Episode Six, What If… Killmonger Rescued Tony Stark? 9/10
  6. Episode Eight, What If… Ultron Won? 8/10
  7. Episode One, What If… Captain Carter Were The First Avenger? 7/10
  8. Episode Three, What If… the World Lost Its Mightiest Heroes? 5/10
  9. Episode Five, What If… Zombies!? 2/10

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Fantastic Four: World’s Greatest Heroes Review

As I journey through these shows I expect the animation style to change, but this series in particular seems to be leaning more towards Japanese anime style instead of classic American animation. I used to watch anime growing up so I don’t think the style will bother me, but it will be interesting to watch. I don’t have high hopes for this show, however, because the last Fantastic Four show I watched was an absolute trainwreck. This show only has one season, 26 episodes, and aired in 2006.

The intro to the show was fairly simple and short, just introducing the Four and a brief display of how they got their powers. The animation of the show, while different, was actually really good quality and I enjoyed watching the visuals. Thankfully none of the characters looked too peculiar and Doom’s design in this show was actually one of my favorites. They did zoom in a lot of Reed’s eyes for dramatic effect though which I found somewhat amusing. 

Reed Richards, or Mr. Fantastic, seemed true to character with his intense and unbreakable focus on his work. He always has gadgets ready to go to save the world, is always working on a new project, or isn’t sleeping because there’s something he’s nerding out about. All of his friends were other well-known brilliant men who were equally excited about what should be concerning discoveries. He doesn’t really change much as the show progresses though, which was somewhat disappointing because character development is one of the things that makes a show great. 

Susan Storm, or Invisible Woman, had a fairly strong personality in this show. She sticks to her guns and is the firm voice of reason for the team. I didn’t notice any obvious fondness for Reed though and it leaves me wondering if they were even really a couple in this show. Not that her entire character is defined by her relationship with him, but I felt that there would have been a lot more room for interesting moments and character development for both of them if they were a couple.

Johnny Storm, or Human Torch, was one of my favorite characters in this show because he was funny, chaotic, and screamed like a girl. He served as a comic relief and as the most relatable character. I don’t think too much character development would have worked for him because I don’t believe Johnny Storm would change much until he settles down. That would not have been written well in only one season. 

Ben Grimm, or The Thing, was much more tolerable in this show compared to the previous one. He was already somewhat with Alicia when the show started as she was featured on occasion. However, there wasn’t much to him aside from his pranks on Johnny and his rage in fights.

I did have to skip two episodes with that Impossible creature because it is the one character in Marvel I truly cannot stand and never want to see in anything, ever. The episodes had decent pacing and didn’t leave any obvious plot holes as the episodes continued. However, the episodes were all stand alone and not much was connected aside from a few minor plot points. This doesn’t allow for the characters or the show to develop much, which should have been feasible with 26 episodes. 

I have to say my favorite character was probably Doctor Doom. He was a really well done villain in this show who, despite being egotistical, was entertaining to watch and clever with his plans. Out of the Four, Johnny was probably my favorite because of his chaoticness and sense of humor. Other Marvel characters featured in this show, in order of appearance, were Ronan the Accuser, Doctor Doom, Alicia, The Hulk, Skrull, Mole Man, Puppet Master, Namor, Impossible, Super Skrull, Flat Man, Squirrel Girl, She-Hulk, Iron Man, Annihilus, The Trapster, Klaw, The Wizard, The Dragon, Attuma, Diablo, and The Grandmaster.

A quick note: I’m going through all of these shows in order on Disney+, but I will be skipping Ironman Armored Adventures because I hate that style of animation, and skipping The Superhero Squad Show because it’s weird chibi Avengers and I don’t wanna watch that. 

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Where Does Inspiration Come From?

As a writer I often have people ask me where or what I get inspiration from and I panic and say “uh, everything!” Because honestly I get inspiration from so many different things/places that I’ve found it’s easier to say everything instead of having to list off everything that inspires me. Or I will pick a few main things that inspire me but the answer changes every single time. However, today I am going to attempt to list off the things that inspire me and discuss why!

Movies/TV: This is the most common answer I give because I consume a lot of media! I watch a large variety of TV shows and movies. I’m not the type of person to sit there and try to predict an ending or analyze something afterwards because I don’t find that to be fun. But I do enjoy creating characters that would fit into the worlds or creating worlds based on what I’ve been watching. Of course sometimes I just write fanfiction with the established characters and world, but other times I get inspired to write something based on a small idea from the TV show or movie! Media is a great source of inspiration, especially fantasy and science fiction content. It’s difficult to create an entire world or character without some sort of inspiration, so I would highly recommend watching something new to see what you come up with!

Books: This is a similar answer to the previous one because I read books for different types of inspiration as well! Books have more writing inspiration though because I can learn different forms of writing and try them out through inspired pieces. I also learn from poorly written books about things that don’t work well. For example, obvious plot holes, dislikable characters, and choppy pacing help me edit my own works to improve them and prevent these issues. I don’t read as much as I wish I did, but I’m making an effort to read more. 

Writing Prompts: I included this one because from time to time I do use writing prompts for short pieces for my blog, but I often find them somewhat restricting because their specificness doesn’t allow for much wiggle room. Of course they’re only for inspiration and there’s no requirement to follow them exactly, but something in my mind still finds them a bit restricting!

Environment: Where one chooses to write has a large effect on how well they write! For me, I enjoy writing from the comfort of my own home or at a quiet place with some tea. I also enjoy writing when it’s overcast and/or rainy. Sunny days and blue skies depress me and cause me to feel lethargic, but when the sun isn’t anywhere to be seen I feel wonderful and motivated to write!

I realize those things may not be “everything” you can think of, but there are so many things in life, both big and small, that inspire me and other writers it would be impossible to lift everything! I chose those things to list to help me better answer the question and hopefully share some inspiration with you. 

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X-Men: Evolution Review

I am beyond excited for this show. The last X-Men show I watched was incredible for the time it came out and I have hopes that this one will be good as well. I’m looking forward to seeing some of my favorite characters on screen again, seeing more personality in others, and hopefully some good cameos from other Marvel characters! I don’t know who the main focus of the show is though, but at least I know Wolverine will be in it. This show has four seasons and aired from 2000-2003.

Season 1: This season has a total of 13 episodes and starts off with introductions to the main characters and a few villains. Wolverine, Storm, and Professor X are all adults but the rest of the X-Men are in high school so their personalities are more juvenile. This gives them more room to grow though so I hope as the series progresses they have some strong character development. I didn’t know Mystique could transform into animals as well, though that may have only been for the benefit of this show specifically. The season had strong pacing and introduced characters slowly and logically. No one was rushed in and given proper time to develop in each episode. The season had an underlying plot that ends with a focus on Asteroid M and a proper introduction to Magneto and his motives. The X-Men leave victorious and the season comes to a finish with a strong final scene of them all together. 

Season 2: This season has the most episodes of the series at 17. The school has grown as a variety of new students are messing around with their powers on the school grounds. They are featured throughout the season as both trouble makers and growing X-Men. The plot of the season was developed well with room for other events to happen without derailing the main plot too much. The intensity of everything rose as well as the X-Men are getting older and developing as characters. Everything that felt like it could have been a loose end from the previous season was brought back and continued or wrapped up well. So far, this show has been incredible and thrilling. Each episode draws in the viewer, no character is completely intolerable, and X-Men comic fans would absolutely love this show. The amount of villains being teased should overwhelm the plot, but they are written-in well and they add to the overall struggle the mutants face on both sides. The only issue I had with the season was with one scene where Professor X was driving a car…which for obvious reasons is illogical. Other than that, the season was great and ended on an intense cliff-hanger!

Season 3: This season has a total of 13 episodes and picks up right where the cliff-hanger left off. Mutants were exposed and now they face struggles of acceptance in society, and in their high school. Their home has also been destroyed and some of their powers are becoming difficult to control or understand. Each of the characters had their own personal struggles to face as secrets were revealed, romances began to develop, and the saga of Apocalypse returning came to head. I became far more invested in this season and was excited to the introduction to new major characters, one of which being Gambit! While he is working for Magneto, I sincerely hope in the next season he falls for Rogue and joins the X-Men. The ending of the season, however, was a bit odd because there was a two part episode story that share the story of Apocalypse, his rising to power, and his return despite Magneto and Xavier’s team up to prevent it. Part two ended with everyone defeated on the ground and realizing the seriousness of what happened. However, that was not how the season ended. Episode 13 was a vacation episode where the teens and Storm went on a cruise to relax and didn’t really acknowledge what happened with Apocalypse and their plan to defeat him. I almost wonder if that episode was meant to come before and was uploaded or aired incorrectly. I’m hoping the next season is a buildup to a great battle with him where we see everyone at full power!

Season 4: This season has the least amount of episodes in the series at only 9 episodes. It starts off with a recap of everything that happened with Apocalypse and picking up where that battle left off. His immense power is not too surprising but his methods for going about everything were a bit odd and surprisingly passive for a while. Even in the end his methods didn’t seem as aggressive as I anticipated. There were a few surprising things in this season such as the deaths and reincarnations of Magneto, Mystique, Storm, and Professor X as the Four Horsemen of Apocalypse. Of course this was resolved and I was pleased to see Magneto join the X-Men. Overall the conclusion of everything was excellent and I loved how they gave glimpses into the future of everyone as adults. I would love nothing more than to have more seasons of this show and see all of that come to light, but sadly that will not happen.

The animation in this show has improved greatly since the last show I watched, but there were still odd moments where the art wasn’t the same quality as other moments. I got used to it rather quickly though as the plot of the show drew me in. This show was absolutely incredible and I believe it could have kept going. They did show hints into the future which in a way brought a sense of conclusion to everything, but I believe it could have also been a preview of what would come in the future seasons! Even if they brought this show back today I believe they could maintain the quality from before. I would highly recommend this show!

My favorite character was either Wolverine or Rogue. I of course enjoy seeing Wolverine in most things and I’ve developed a fondness for Rogue after the previous X-Men show. I really enjoyed them and their development in this show. It’s tough to say who my least favorite character was. There weren’t any characters I couldn’t stand, just a few I found tedious. That’s common in every show so I won’t specifically say which ones I found to be tedious as they weren’t always featured. Other characters featured in the show, in order of appearance, were Sabertooth, Mystique, Magneto, Avalanche, the Blob, Quicksilver, Forge, Juggernaut, Havok, Boom-Boom, IceMan, Arcade, Jubilee, Multiple, Cannonball, Berserker, Sunspot, Wolfsbane, Angel, Mesmero, Apocalypse, Magma, Nick Fury, Captain America, Agatha Harkness, Scarlet Witch, Trask, Gambit, Colossus, Pyro, Caliban, The Morlocks, Mastermind, X23, Omega Red, Gauntlet, Legion, Leech, and Mirage. 

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Op Ed Piece: Is Venom a Villain, Hero, or Anti-Hero?

About a month ago the Life Foundation was exposed by journalist Eddie Brock for human experimentation with alien life known as Symbitoes. These individuals were homeless and looking for work, but the majority of them perished as the Life Foundation knew little to nothing about the Symbiotes they were exposing the people to. However, one unknown individual survived the interaction as reports of one of the Symbiotes has been seen on the streets of San Francisco consuming people and breaking things.

These sightings first began shortly after the Life Foundations experimentation. Supposedly there were two of these Symbiotes spotted, but only one survived the fall of the Foundation. The one that survived only seems to come out at night and eats low-level criminals, leaving nothing behind. There is little-to-no footage of the Symbiote eating these criminals or even being out in the world because it destroys most cameras in the area. However, rumors have spread from those it has saved stating it calls itself “Venom” and only eats what it considers to be ‘bad guys.’ While the human hosting Venom remains a mystery, a question has been raised about Venom: Is he a villain or hero?

An argument has been made by the media that he is a villain since he eats people for a living and they view the killings as wrong regardless of who he consumes. Another argument has been made by those he’s saved that he is a hero because he is clearing the streets of criminals and protecting people from muggins and more. However, the San Francisco Police Department cannot condone his methods because they involve killing, something they do not consider to be the solution to dealing with criminals. 

I would like to propose the argument that he is actually an anti-hero. He is not a villain because he is not killing for fun, trying to steal weapons, holding hostages, or demanding anything from the people of San Francisco. However, he is not technically a hero because the moral debate about the nature of killing is something that will never be settled and the SFPD cannot label a killer as a hero. It may motivate others to kill for their own personal reasons and not for the good of others. This is why he should be labeled as an anti-hero. Yes, he is killing people but he is doing it to protect others and rid the streets of criminals. 

I would be curious to meet him and interview him to learn more about why he does what he does, where he came from, and how he exists within our society. So Venom if you’re out there, come find me.


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Spider-Man Unlimited Review

The popularity of Spider-Man continues as we move onto another show following the adventures of Peter Parker as Spider-Man. The Marvel animated shows have somewhat improved as I’ve continued forward so I have high hopes for this one. I also look forward to seeing the different portrayals of the villains and hero cameos since the shows seem to stick closer to the comic canon. This show only has one season, 13 episodes, and aired in 1999.

The intro to this show was very cool and had some intense and engaging theme music, which played throughout action scenes in episodes. There were also a few moments where the classic Spider-Man theme song (from the previous show I reviewed here) was played as well. He wears a few different suits in this show as well, my favorite being the nanotech suit with a spiderweb cape. Something I particularly liked was how the scene captions were text boxes like those seen in comics. Something I struggled with was how Venom and Carnage had their hosts, however, they could turn into blobs and shift around as needed. That didn’t make much sense since they had human hosts that don’t have the body structure to do that. Their feature as main villains though was done well and I enjoyed watching their chaos.

Peter looked odd, to say the least. He was a lot more punk looking with a hair color and style that reminded me of Jaden Yuki’s hair from Yu-Gi-Oh! Gx (side-by-side below). Peter is already with MJ at the beginning of the show and her concern for him continuing to be Spider-Man is clear. However, Peter ended up on a different version of Earth so their relationship wasn’t shown much aside from the first episode. It was somewhat disappointing to see him have to fight other people’s battles and not have the opportunity for character growth on his own planet with his own relationships. The show also didn’t end well as it was cancelled before he was able to return home and be his own person.

Other characters featured in this show, in order of appearance, were John Jameson, Venom, Carnage, Nick Fury, the Knights of Wundagore, Kraven the Hunter, Vulture, and Electro. There were other smaller characters featured as well from time to time, but I didn’t consider any of them noteworthy, memorable, or recognizable to a regular viewer.

Overall I have mixed feelings about this show. On one hand, Spider-Man is a great character in this show, has a comic accurate personality, a good sense of humor, and everything he did aligned with his moral and logical compass. On the other hand, Spider-Man wasn’t actually on Earth but on Counter Earth instead which made it difficult to care about what happened. I didn’t get to see Spider-Man battle his traditional villains and those who did show up were different versions of the ones found on regular Earth. If this Peter/Spider-Man had the opportunity to fight villains on his regular planet he would’ve grown much more as a character and his strengths could’ve been highlighted better. 

In the end I wasn’t pleased with the way the season ended because it was on a complete cliffhanger. The show had been cancelled due to low viewership, which I don’t find too surprising, and we will never know what happens with the Symbiotes and if Peter ever makes it home. While I am a bit frustrated with this cliffhanger ending, since I wasn’t fully invested in the show the lack of ending is tolerable. However, I wouldn’t suggest watching it since it doesn’t have a proper ending.

Peter Parker (left) and Jaden Yuki (right):

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Op Ed Piece: Spider-Man: Hero or Villain?

J. Jonah Jameson of the Daily Bugle would have you believe Spider-Man is a villain; in fact the man would yell at you if you said otherwise. However, he couldn’t be more wrong. Spider-Man has only ever fought for and protected this city without asking for anything more than to keep his secret identity respected. Time and time again he seemingly risks his life to save individuals everyday. We can only imagine what he has sacrificed in his personal life to become a masked hero.

Spider-Man began as a small crime-fighter, webbing up criminals for the NYPD to collect at their leisure. He stopped bank robbers, muggers, violent offenders, and various other criminals out there trying to raise the crime rates. All stolen goods would be found alongside the criminals for the police to return as well, and many of the criminals he fought weren’t even after money or expensive items. There was never any evidence to support J.J.J.’s claim about him being associated with the crimes taking place and, based on Spider-Man’s original outfit, he wasn’t exactly rolling in stolen money. It wasn’t until he joined the Avengers when he got his upgraded suit made by Tony Stark.

Yes that’s right, Spider-Man is an Avenger, a hero that saves the world from aliens, terrorists, and the general destruction of the planet. He has been seen fighting alongside, not against, the Avengers on multiple occasions while continuing his own crime fighting in New York. While he is technically working outside the law, he is fighting for the good people out there who cannot fight for themselves. We live in a world of superheroes who work outside of the law and we cannot rightfully thank some while condemning others. We should be grateful to Spider-Man because he has made a considerable dent in NY’s crime rate and shouldn’t be labeled as a masked vigilante but rather as a heroic and brave individual.

Time and time again J. Jonah Jameson labels someone as a hero who later turned out to be a kniving criminal, forcing him to retract his statement. However, he refuses to retract his statements about Spider-Man being a “criminal,” and a “maniac,” despite evidence definitely proving that Spider-Man is NOT a criminal. Perhaps it would benefit J. Jonah Jameson to shut his mouth for once before jumping to conclusions about super-powered individuals.

Since the Daily Bugle has failed us as a news outlet it is up to us to share the heroic deeds of Spider-Man. Sharing moments of his heroics through social media posts is the best way to fight against the Daily Bugle’s claims. If you work for other news outlets or magazines, write about how he is a hero! Thank him if he saves you! And to the NYPD, say thank you for once to the individual who is doing your job better than you all are. 

If you leave here today still thinking he is a criminal, I would ask that you reread this article and reconsider your world views. I will be sure to thank him if I ever see him, and you should as well. Keep on fighting Spider-Man! 


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Avengers: United They Stand Review

Finally something that is focused on the Avengers! While I don’t know which characters will be featured in this show just yet, I’m looking forward to seeing a larger group in action. I hope that each character has a distinct personality, is somewhat likeable/relatable, and contributes to the overall progression of the plot. This show only has one season, has 13 episodes, and aired in 1999. I’m excited to see what this show has to offer!

The intro to the show reminded me of the intro to the X-Men show but with someone whispering “Avengers” every few seconds. It introduced all the Avengers who are presumably main characters in this show and featured a few clips from the series. The Avengers featured in this show, in order of appearance, were Vision, Ant-Man, Wasp, Wonder Man, Scarlet Witch, Tigra, Hawkeye, and Falcon (and Redwing). Wonder Man sat dormant for most of the episodes though and Falcon didn’t come into play right away.

Ant-Man, or Henry Pym, is the leader of the Avengers because Thor, Captain American, and Iron Man don’t seem to be around. He doesn’t seem confident as a leader yet though and makes decisions I don’t always agree with. Both his and Wasp’s outfits changed as they changed size which seemed like a continuity error, or just an odd choice. Wanda somewhat dramatically announces her changing of things, like Storm did in X-Men, which was odd to watch because it seemed extra compared to everyone else. How Vision came to be was what I found especially odd, but he was the Vision I somewhat know personality wise so that was nice to see. They also had a cheesy sequence each episode where the Avengers were ‘suiting up’ in their all robotic-type outfits designed by Ant-Man. Some of their outfits in general were very odd because they were odd adaptations of the classic comic book costumes. 

My favorite character was Tigra because she had a strong personality, was sassy, funny, and relatable. Also she was voiced by the same person who voiced Rogue in the X-Men show I loved! I wish she had been featured more and given a backstory. None of them really got a backstory aside from Vision and Wanda. My least favorite character was probably Ant-Man because he was the weakest character and lacked personality. I also didn’t feel he was a good leader and didn’t make the best decisions for the team. Wonder Man was fairly lackluster as well but since he wasn’t featured for most of the episodes it was hard to make a judgement about his character. Everyone else was alright, but no one really stood out personality wise or in terms of character development. Hawkeye also had an uncharacteristic deep voice that I found to be somewhat unsettling. 

Ultron was a consistent villain in the show, with others only appearing in an episode or two for various plot points. Not very many of their stories were wrapped up though, and none of them were given backstories either. Villains and other characters featured in the show, in order of appearance, were Ultron, Jarvis, Kang the Conqueror, Swordsman, Ringmaster, Baron Zemo and the Masters of Evil, Captain America, Namor, Iron Man, Egghead, The Grim Reaper, Agatha Harkness, Vertigo, and a collection of the Zodiac signs. 

Overall, the show didn’t really live up to my expectations for an Avengers show. I know this is still an older shower and had some peculiar aspects to it, but I was really excited to see the Avengers. Since the X-Men show and one of the Spider-Man shows were good, I had higher hopes for this one. It seems they still need a few years to go before they figure out how to make a good Avengers show! The animation is improving greatly and I’m sure as we move into the 2000’s it’ll be easier to watch. Since there wasn’t much to wrap up the ending wasn’t disappointing nor was it pleasing. I don’t think I’d recommend this show though!

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Loki Review

This is by far the MCU show I am most excited for because I have loved Loki since the Avengers movie in 2012. I’m sure this show will be good, just like FWS, but in it’s own way. Naturally it’ll be better than WandaVision, but also Loki is just better in general. There will only be six episodes so this review was written week-to-week. Each episode review is being written right after the episode comes out. I did it this way because I think it’s better than trying to review the season as a whole, though I will provide general thoughts at the end. THIS REVIEW CONTAINS SPOILERS!

Episode One: I have to say Marvel should stick to shows instead of movies because their shows are absolutely incredible. Loki showed more emotional range in this one episode than he did in anything else he was in. Loki doesn’t know what’s going on; he doesn’t know what the TVA is; he doesn’t know what’s going to happen to him. There were moments of humor where his personality shined and a few moments of what seemed like growth. He watched the rest of his life play out and watching him go through all that pain at once was difficult. It was emotional to watch him admit that he didn’t like hurting people either and that he was the weak he was referring too earlier. The moment we discovered the variant they were hunting was another him was shocking though, and I’m honestly beyond confused. Of course there were a lot of little easter eggs and details that Marvel is famous for. Loki’s gender is labeled as “fluid” which is great! There was also a moment where I’m pretty sure Peggy Carter was being arrested, though why we may never know. However, there were some unfortunate plot-holes as well. If Loki wasn’t meant to escape, what was meant to happen? The Tesseract ended up at his feet because of what was suppose to happen, so how can there be an outcome where he doesn’t escape? Also, how is Steve’s time travel logical then because it clearly goes against the sacred timeline since it’s well established in the Peggy Carter show she doesn’t end up with Steve??? Another thing is the theory that the time keepers actually won the war and are residing over the multiverse as supposed gods, controlling everything and making what they want to happen. 

Episode Two: Alright so here’s the thing: they really could’ve picked someone better to play Lady Loki (or whoever she is). Someone significant or who even has been fancast as Lady Loki instead of whoever this is because she doesn’t really fit the character. Of course there’s more of her to see, but I really don’t think she was the correct choice. She doesn’t radiate the confidence and suave that the character should have. Looking beyond that, another great episode! Loki’s motivation for doing anything is somewhat unclear, which makes sense, but I don’t want him to be the traditional bad guy in this show. He starts off by doing some training which he only somewhat pays attention to (as someone who’s done video training for work, I feel), he gets a cool jacket I want to purchase, and seems somewhat helpful as he’s figured out where the variant is hiding. However, he stalls to help his counterpart escape early-on and leaves with Lady Loki at the end of the episode. I don’t know why he left with her, perhaps out of curiosity, but I fear we won’t get the development in him we were hoping for. I would also like to see him use more of his magic because he has great potential we still have yet to see. Also, the timeline has been bombed, which may or may not connect to the Multiverse of Madness but we shall see! 

Episode Three: I still think the actress was a poor choice for Sylvie, who is technically a Loki variant for some reason despite the fact that Enchantress (Sylvie in the comics) isn’t technically a Loki. I struggle with understanding her or how she became a variant, it must have been at a very young age but I’m not fully convinced she’s a real Loki. She still doesn’t have the right attitude, confidence, or overall vibe to be this character. Aside from the show attempting to get us to like or pity her, the episode was pretty good. The visuals were stunning and Loki’s sass was beautifully done. He sang a beautiful song, shared magic his mother taught him, and shared his love for his mother. They also acknowledged his bisexuality and on his file had him as genderfluid so we truly have the Loki we deserve. I noticed he’ll have moments of the Loki we know and moments of growth, just balanced out enough to satisfy the watcher. Sylvie did possess some useful knowledge though: all of the members of the TVA are variants who have had their memories erased. This is a curious plot twist and now I wonder what else we don’t know? This episode ended with the idea that Loki and Sylvie are to be destroyed on Lametis III, but given that there’s 3 more episodes I’m sure something will work out for them! Though I could live with something only working out for him and not her. 

Episode Four: A lot happened in this episode and I was left with more questions than before. Some backstory was provided on Sylvie but it didn’t make sense with what we know about the sacred timeline. She was born the Goddess of Mischief but wasn’t taken until she was already a child growing up on Asgard and wasn’t told why she was taken. So there isn’t one timeline because how would that make any sense? I’m so confused at this point. Also lets discuss that nexus event Loki and Sylvie caused. There are several things it could’ve been, in theory, and I’m glad Mobius called out how demented and fucked up it would be if it were a romantic relationship between them, which for Marvel’s sake it really better NOT be a romantic relationship. One theory is that it’s technically Loki finally loving himself, something he wasn’t supposed to do on the sacred timeline. The other is similar, but it’s Loki being happy finally and at peace, also something he wasn’t supposed to do or feel on the sacred timeline. I would really like some answers that aren’t the demented relationship idea. They end up back at the TVA and we get to see Lady Sif after so long of wondering what happened to her! They used a classic story from Norse Mythology as well with Loki cutting off some of her hair. Mobius and Hunter B-15 learn the truth about the TVA, but unfortunately Mobius is pruned (Loki looks so heartbroken after the loss of his friend) and I’m unclear on what happened to Hunter B-15. Ravonna is clearly a bitch though and up to something, but the question remains, what? The Time Keepers are finally shown, but something seemed off about them and I was right because they turned out to be androids. Loki knows he can create another nexus event but is pruned in the process, which as a Loki fan, wasn’t as shocking as they may have intended. Sylvie goes off and defeats Ravonna in battle but doesn’t prune her and instead demands answers, which we have to wait for. This one at least had an end-credit where Loki woke up on a destroyed planet to other Loki variants. Kid Loki (YAY YOUNG AVENGERS), OG comics Loki, Boastful Loki (I think), and Alligator Loki (what).

Episode Five: There’s a lot to unpack and discuss in this episode. We learned what pruning really does to somewhere, that there’s a place somewhat outside of time where things that are pruned go, and that the end of time is still being written. Loki wakes up in a place called the Void where Loki variants live because that’s what they do: survive. There is a great beast there called Alioth that consumes everything that enters there. Kid Loki is in charge (for a bit) because he killed Thor. Classic Loki lived in isolation for so long after confirming our Infinity War theories before wanting to see Thor again. I don’t know Alligator Loki’s story but I love him deeply, and I don’t care for boastful Loki. This episode feels like absolute chaos for a bit as all the other Loki variants that have survived (including President Loki) show up to Kid Loki’s hideout to take over. However, Alligator Loki bites off President Loki’s hand and a chaotic brawl ensues. Our Loki, Classic Loki, Kid Loki, and Alligator Loki escape and come across Sylvie and Mobious who lives! He is determined to burn the TVA to the ground (as inspired by his friend Loki) while Loki and Sylvie are going to enchant Alioth because she knows it’s guarding whoever is behind everything. They had more friendship type moments in this episode, but I feel that Marvel is still riding the line between what’s acceptable and what isn’t. The episode ends somewhat sadly with Classic Loki dying for his Glorious Purpose, creating an illusion of Asgard to have one last happy memory, before we’re left on a cliffhanger. This episode did have some wonderful easter eggs as well! The wrecked Sanctum Sanctorum, QENG Tower, Red Skull’s Escape Aircraft, Yellojacket’s Helmet, the THANOS-COPTER, Throg and Mjolnir, the Dark Aster, The Living Tribunal’s Statue, and a S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier.

Episode Six: I’ll be completely honest, I waited to watch this episode because I saw a spoiler and am furious with what Marvel did. But now I’m watching it so I can be specifically upset. The intro to this episode was really cool though because it included a lot of Marvel character voices, important figures speaking, and music. Kang the Conqueror, or He Who Remains, was featured in this episode as the ruler of the TVA and honestly his explanation for it made sense. He feared himself so he protected his timeline at the cost of free will basically. I understand why he did what he did and I like that Loki actually wanted to think about their actions before continuing. He grew a lot as an individual in the show. Mobius ends up back at the TVA and showed everyone the truth before going to confront Ravonna, who ran off to who knows where. Overall I wasn’t too upset with how the episode went, but I want to say that I was right about Sylvie. AND everytime I dislike a character, I end up being right. They do kiss which was HORRIFIC but she forced him away to completely destroy the multiverse and he ended up in one of the off branches because of her stupid ass deicion. The episode ended with Loki realizing what had happened and an announcement of season 2 is made, thank the gods.

Overall I struggled with this show because of the character of Sylvie and how poorly Sophia De Martini portrayed the character. I love Loki and I loved his character development in this show, plus the plot and story were really good! But she kinda ruined the fun of it and I think it would’ve been better if a better actress played her character. I do look forward to the chaos of this all though upcoming in the movies and next season.

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Silver Surfer 1998 Review

I’m going to start off by saying I really don’t understand why the Silver Surfer, of all characters, has a show. While the Silver Surfer is an interesting character at his core, I don’t believe he will work well as a main character instead of a side character. I’m curious to see if this show was something well planned out or if it is just a collection of episodes where the Silver Surfer does various things. This show has one season and there are only 13 episodes. 

The intro to this show was fairly dramatic with some opera music and some odd animation choices. At the time I’m sure these animations were top quality, but to watch them now is somewhat difficult. The animation style did change for the entire show and it looked more like watching a comic book in action instead of an animated show. It wasn’t easy to get used to since it was inconsistent throughout the series. Overall, I didn’t enjoy the looks of this show and the looks of certain characters. The Silver Surfer was the only character who looked how he was supposed to.

The first episode set up the story of the Silver Surfer and how he came to be. His goals were clear: save his planet and save other planets from Galactus’ hunger as his herald. He only served Galactus for 2 episodes though, before going off on his own to prove Galactus wrong about how the universe views him. His goal now is to find his love Shalla-Bal and Zen-la but there is some foreshadowing that his journey will bring great chaos to the universe. As the series continues he tries to help where he can but only chaos follows. He never finds Zen-la and the show actually ends on a cliff hanger as the fate of the universe hangs in the balance as Thanos threatens to destroy it for his statue love he is simping over hardcore. I did check and there is no second season, and while I wasn’t invested in the ending it was frustrating to not see the completion of the story.

One of The Watchers narrated aspects of the show for viewers, which served as recap at the start of each episode. They also tend to interfere a lot for a group of beings who vow never to interfere. Well the one does, the other Watchers have turned into Virals. The Silver Surfer himself is a tolerable character who struggles with his morality throughout the series. Galactus is true to his character, and the other characters throughout the show were tolerable as well. Except Thanos because he was constantly talking to his statue of Lady Chaos and was simping for a STATUE the entire season. It was difficult to watch because I don’t think it was ever actually Lady Chaos, just a statue of her he decided could speak to him. 

Other Marvel characters that appeared in this show, in order of appearance, were Thanos, Ego, Nova (Herald of Galactus), Mentor, Drax, Nebula, Gamora, Beta Ray Bill, and Adam Warlock. There were a few other small characters as well but these are the most significant and recognizable. 

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